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Fire sends smoke into JAL 787 cabin after arrival in Boston


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Can we start again to debate which Boeing or Airbus is best?

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Thankfully this happened after landing and not during the flight. Commercial airplanes have problems too!

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Most new products have kinks, even with the most stringent testing. The A380 certainly has had its fair share. Most companies also are able to fix the issue and I'm very confident that Boeing and Airbus are quite capable companies. They know how important these products are to their future, so I'm sure they're not just lazing around...

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Fire crews using infrared equipment found flames in a small compartment in the plane’s belly and had the fire out in about 20 minutes,

One reason they use lithium ion rather than lithium batteries, if it had been a lithium battery the plane would have a hole in it.

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This is very scary! I hope BOEING fixes this problem ASAP!

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Yikes... I flew that route just before Christmas and came back on Saturday. I wonder if it was the same plane??

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Hundreds of people are scheduled to fly LAX to NRT and back this summer on the Dreamliner. Does trip cancellation insurance allow a person to "chicken out " now? Probably not without a $150 cancellation fee to just click on a button to say, "I changed my mind." ANA and the Japanese government better fix this problem or the so-called tourism promotions will be worthless.

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ANA and the Japanese government better fix this problem or the so-called tourism promotions will be worthless.

How can ANA or the Japanese government fix a design or component flaw of an airplane? Even if a problem is identified and the planes are scheduled for repairs, retofitting or even parts change, even the best ANA engineers/government officials can't simply take out the batteries and replace on their own.

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Tokyo to Boston is a fair hike, how long is that flight?

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ANA and the Japanese government better fix this problem or the so-called tourism promotions will be worthless.

Neither of those two entities are responsible for this event. While the 787 was being designed, Boeing was directed by the FAA to ensure the batteries had thermal protection and either didn't do so, or the protection failed. This one is going to fall completely into Boeing's lap.

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ah Airbus got a bashing when they had a problem with there RR engines, now Boeing is going to get some. both companies make excellent planes but just goes to show everybody has some problems eventually, trick is not to get anybody killed when these problems happen.

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The problem will lie with the battery pack makers.

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There are many factors at play here as to why this problem occurred. A battery pack does not just simply catch fire. Every case has always been linked to an outside force whether it be temperature and/or humidity, damaging impact force, power overload factor, liquid spill/shorting, excessive vibration, etc. If all 787s have the exact same setup for these batteries then I would assume as soon as they figure out the cause that all current operational 787s and future 787 will have this problem resolved. There may even be a temporary grounding of all 787s if concerns are high enough of that this battery issue could lead to possible deaths. Only time will tell how Boeing handles this case and whether it snowballs or not.

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