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First cherry trees blossom in Tokyo 2 days earlier than last year


The first cherry blossoms this spring were seen in Tokyo on Monday morning at Yasukuni Shrine.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the cherry blossoms came two days earlier than last year and three days earlier than average.

The cherry trees were officially declared to be blossoming at 11 a.m. by the agency.

Cherry trees are expected to come into full bloom throughout Tokyo by the weekend.

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Hurrah!! That's my weekend planned.

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Yup, already planning out where to lay down the small tarp for our spot for this year's Hanami. Just one of the many cool things about Japan that NEVER gets old. :)

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First cherry trees blossom in Tokyo 2 days earlier than last year

And my allergies begin.....Well, at least no more winter.....

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An online friend of mine living in Gunma Prefecture already said the first sakura blossoms are showing up in the Isesaki area, along with some in Maebashi and Takasaki. In short, we may see an rapid arrival of these blossoms over the next week or so in central and western Honshu.

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ehhhh, I was in Tokyo one week ago, still winter, and saw 2 sakuras in front Tokyo Sky Tree and 2 in Ueno Park. A lot of sakura flowers on them, I think they are putting something to the trees to accelerate them to grow.

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"The first cherry blossoms this spring were seen in Tokyo on Monday"

How charming. Years ago, at E67 and Park Ave, looking south, a mile to GCT; all of Park Ave was shining back lit as a blizzard of pink and white created the ticker tape parade of nothing but the beauty of spring blossoms reining over the lunch hour. New York can be so beautiful.

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Thanks for the info via America Raymond - Very useful.

A Tokyo Resident.

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how about in Nikko ??

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Its time to go to your local YAMAYA & git your drink onn. Good-bye winter.

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Went to Yasakuni today and they're started to look really pretty.

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I love sakura season. Beautiful blossoms, friends out on their blue tarps having fun, sometimes some cooperative weather. We've had rain outs and beautiful weekends through the years and there really is something magical about how Japan just seems to come alive during this brief season. Here's hoping you all have sunny, warm days and beautiful flowers to enjoy!

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