Possible radioactive traces from N Korea nuclear test detected in Japan


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It ruled out that the source was Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant

..will require further studies to reconfirm its source.

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I'm more worried about Tepco

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Do you know what though? Fine. Let N Korea nuke themselves. If its "radioactive traces" here it must be far more there. And as others said - we already got enough particles floating round here - whether its the pollution and crap from china, or the fall out of Fukushima, whats a few more?

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Saw the plume on the TV and it covered most of Japan. So why do we have to breathe this crap? Now they tell us, after the event. I feel real anger towards the DPRK.

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The detection was made at Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture, 1,000 kilometers from the North Korean test site

Why should Japan worry about N-Korea radioactive detection? 20Km is a safe distance.

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Fukushima was an accident. DPRK nuclear test are made by mad people and Chinese pollution was made by all chinese. Why dont we send some fukushima mud to DPRK and china?

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kiyoshiMukai - Have a look around your room and see how many Chinese made products you have and are using right now. Don't blame the Chinese for their pollution. Blame yourself and every other person who has ever bought a cheap Chinese product, which includes possibly 90% of the world's population.

The DPRK tests are a worry, but the Fukushima mess is a bigger concern for me.

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Back on topic please.

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Amazing the excuses some people will go to do dismiss the amount of radiation being emitted from Fukushima and its effect as 'harmless' and 'insignificant', but will go out of their way to talk about the evils of NK because of literally minute amounts of radiation. NK is definitely the bad guy in terms of the tests and the radiation that results, but you get the point -- or maybe you refuse to get it, which is part of the point.

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This is just one day, 8 April, and how much were we told about it at the time?

Fukushima is/was bad enough, but this radioactive plume covered areas not touched by Fukushima.

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Here is a moving graphic of the estimated plume, see from about 50 seconds in:

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Fancy graphics and scaremongering tactics sponsored by the J-government. It's all about smoke and mirrors.

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No, North Korea did not start providing more electricity to their people, that glow at night is radioactivity. The leadership of North Korea will of course blame any ill effects on spies and terrorists from South Korea and the USA, not the poor quality nuclear testing.

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desilusioned. Sadly for you, Most of my products are not made in China, but I see your motives, you know, The Government is the one that has to control the pollution of companies. I have worked in Ship ports and for a single leak of anything into the river you get a fine. I guess you dont have that in China.

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kiyoshiMukai: "I have worked in Ship ports and for a single leak of anything into the river you get a fine. I guess you dont have that in China."

Or Fukushima, for that matter. At least not until lawsuits come up 30 years after the fact, like with Minamata Disease -- yes, an ENTIRE disease named after toxic dumping in Japan (which continued for more than 30 years!) -- and Tonosho in Kagawa.

I do agree with you that things SEEM to be stricter in Japan instead of how lax they are in China in particular, but that's only on the surface, and only with companies the government has no stake in.

nandakandamanda: "Fukushima is/was bad enough, but this radioactive plume covered areas not touched by Fukushima."

According to whom? The people who announced there was a NK missile strike on Japan instead of sending an earthquake warning? The TEPCO 'investigative' team? The government which owns 51% of the company? Did Edano come back from the political grave and tell you as such?

I realize that detonating nuclear weapons and spreading radiation is FAR different than incompetence and lack of safety measures that result in a nuclear disaster like Fukushima, but in either case we are talking about the same thing -- messing with something we have no business messing with because we clearly are too immature to handle it wisely.

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smith: According to whom?

According to the people in my link above. See the map.

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