First responders get vaccinated at former Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo


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"My job is to inspect and maintain fire equipment. I meet a variety of people through my work... I don't want to be the one spreading the virus," he said.

Very sensible person, as expected from someone that choose to support emergency services as a job.

Now, if only all these people were allowed to vaccinate others (as it happens in many countries) the vaccination efforts would finally take off as they should. Maybe if they were able to help this way the AstraZeneca vaccine could also be used for those that would take it, being unvaccinated is a higher risk for the health for most people.

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Here's a thought: Many Olympic venues are still available for the next month or so. They would make prime mass vaccination sites. How about it IOC? Add that to your playbook on measures on how to keep Japan secure and healthy this summer.

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Very fishy.......

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Large scale vaccination centers set for old folks are reported not busy. Japanese papers say large scale centers are not fit for old folks. They do not feel comfortable. They have to go a long way to the center particularly in Tokyo too. Venues should have been set respectively at each ward.

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Doing something that makes sense. Hope that this becomes contagious.

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Large scale vaccination centers set for old folks are reported not busy. Japanese papers say large scale centers are not fit for old folks. 

In Hiroshima, one of its centres was nearly empty. As of yesterday, only 89 have been booked out of about 1,800 daily shot capacity.

広島県大規模接種スタート 会場はガラガラ 福山市

To avoid the rollout being clogged, I suggest that "first come first served" and "on waiting list to fill in" rule be taken for all willing to take a jab by relaxing age category. Not only for own health, anyone vaccinated can also protect elderly family members and neighbors.

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Venues should have been set respectively at each ward.

they are set up in each ward. As well as sometimes hundreds of small clinics as well. My district has over 180 small clinics and 6 large centers. Check you local ward homepage for a list. It’s on the top page of every municipality homepage.

the jgov isn’t going to post this info to japantoday, or NHK, etc. just check your local ward and the info will be there.

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My company is setting up to vaccinate all their employees.

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Well done, these are the types of people who deserve to have vaccinations available as soon as possible.

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This actually surprises me. In the US first responders were getting their first shots last December.

I'm at a loss.

Love Japan in a way, but what is there to say now that makes it special? "Their trains are on time." "Their sushi is good."

"Each city has its own unique ramen, and when I get old I will put on a hat (regardless of season) and take my walking stick and visit each of those cities with the goal to try their special ramen."?

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So Japan can save their sushi. What about all the other people? Where is the priority? I work in the pharmaceutical world but Japan is randomly doing things. Meanwhile 10% of the population is vaccinated once. I have seen people dying because of coronavirus.

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Why don’t they allow people just to walk in making it easier and not wasting people’s time.

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First responders in Tokyo, epicenter of the pandemic in Japan, STILL waiting to get their first Covid shot? Oh right, I guess politicians and their families needed to come first.

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