First woman enters Japan's submarine academy


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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has long advocated for expanding the role of women in the workplace, but the country remains stubbornly low in international gender rankings.

Stubbornness can be overcome, just need the right taser!

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more coming

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citing the difficulty of accommodating gender privacy concerns.

Must be a nightmare to ensure that there are toilet cubicles and sleeping areas for women as well as men.

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Good luck with that. Submariners suffer the highest rates of attrition during armed conflict. At least as a Japanese she'll be used to living in cramped spaces.

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Good for her!

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Amazing how gender privacy concerns are ‘easily’ overcome once they discover doors. And a serious labor shortage for their cramped, underwater floating guns prods their brains to come up with a solution.

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Watch as her career sinks.

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Amazing how gender privacy concerns are ‘easily’ overcome once they discover doors. 

If Japan really believes in equality there will be no special accommodations for anyone. She can sleep, eat, shower, use the bathroom with her shipmates on an equal footing. When there is sexual harassment or any other conflicts they should be dealt with in the same manner as if they were a man. Physical requirements should be the same. Equality “should” mean equality.

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I got it if no one else did ;p

"I hope not to put too much pressure on myself as the first woman," she told reporters.

She'll keep the sub close to the surface, then.

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"I hope not to put too much pressure on myself as the first woman," she told reporters.

She'll keep the sub close to the surface, then.

Thats right, don’t sink the sub.

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Women in the military tend to excel more in the Navy and Air Force, where physical strength is not required as much as the Army or Marines.

This woman will be serving in a different fleet as the first female admiral and flagship commander, and is already an Lt. Plenty of room to advance from there, as submariners require higher ratings than surface warship sailors.

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Up periscope.

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Very good !!..

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The JMSDF is 10 years behind the US Navy is this respect.

"Eight years after the Navy announced a policy change allowing women to serve on submarines, there are 93 women aboard Pacific Fleet vessels, including nine officers on two Virginia-class submarines at Pearl Harbor, the undersea service said."

There were USN studies going back to the 70s suggesting that a hypothetical all female crew of a submarine would produce space and other reductions enabling a more efficient submarine operation.

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Defending your country is not an easy job and men shouldn't be the only ones defending it. Each country represents men and women, why is it only men are fighting for it?

If we talk about equality, female empowerment, then this is one area where women should join more.

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Good for Japan. So much for all those who keep banging on about Japan being "sexist". I wish her a great career and hope she rises to the rank of Commander.

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Defense of the Nation is a Man's job. Can any name a great woman general? The only one I can think of is Joan of arc and she lost every battle.

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A Second officer and a female officer aboard a UK nuclear sub were dismissed from the service for having an affair. HMS Vigilant is one of four Vanguard Class submarines armed with Trident nuclear missiles as part of Britain’s deterrent.

Nine other crew members were dismissed for having affairs and drug taking.

Male sailors created ‘rape lists’ of female shipmates on Georgia-based submarine USS Florida.

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The military should not be a place for politically correct social engineering. Sad to see this Western ideology creeping in in Japan.

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I truly support her.

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