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Flight data recorders from crashed MSDF helicopters show no sign of mechanical failure


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Two went down at the same time... So obviously, they hit each other. Probably pilot error.

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We must assume that the two flight recorders were floating.

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How could they have recover the flight recorders when the fuselages of the two crashed helicopters are on the bottom of the sea 5500 meters deep?

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In the U.S., the fatal crash of a MH-60S Seahawk during training off the coast of California in 2021 was attributed to mechanical failure from unsuspected damage during maintenance, according to the U.S. Navy.

Why is the above paragraph even relevant to Japanese military defense training and their as usual to be expected 'human errors' ?

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It appears that this was possibly caused by pilot error where one or both lost the situational awareness (SA).

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It looks like that the flight data recorder is built into the outer panels, hence this is why its been recovered, as the panel has floated and been recovered, as for the crew members, in the cold waters, its sad to say that I dont hold out much hope for them now, I hope I am wrong.

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maybe better to stop fly at night than?

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UAfanToday 10:14 am JST

maybe better to stop fly at night than

You have to train and be prepared for a multitude of scenarios. War doesn't just happen in the daytime. They analyze what went wrong and try to learn from that. Holding out hope for the rescue of the others.

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Suppose air pockets are born near the earth's surface, giving pilots no time to address the situation.  Isn’t there a radar that is capable to capture high or low born air pockets?

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Isn't there a radar that is capable of capturing high- or low-altitude-born air pockets?

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