Flight path of Abe's plane posted online


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Geez, that's unsettling, especially since those planes carry the prime minister, the emperor, and the empress.

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It must seriously affected the safety of the emperor. Don't make a justification.

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This info must have been out there for years

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It's hardly worth having hysterics over. If you were going to attack these aircraft the best place to do it is when they are taking off or landing. Listening to the air traffic control radio will tell you all you need to know about that.

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Dangerous. New Defense Secretary Akinori Eto has serious task waiting for him.

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Not so dangerous. Knowing the flight path would only help the bad guys if they had advanced surface to air missiles. People with those could figure out where the planes are without this information.

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Give me a tail number and I'll dig up (most likely) any flight path in minutes. Used to work in aviation as a risk manager. al-Qaeda, do I have your attention ;)

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what bad guys do we think would want to target this plane?

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Thank goodness they found out. I don't want Abe to get assassinated.

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Pause for a second and consider that those wide open skies aren't so wide open anymore. There are 93 000 official flights every day around the world, and lots of unofficial ones like amateur pilots taking their planes out for flights and business executives in company-owned jets.

This means that in order to avoid accidents every flight shares information about its route.

Now this data is limited to airport personnel, government personnel, amateur flyers... oh, wait, it isn't limited in any real way, because it is VITALLY important for safety reasons.

Let's be sensible for a moment and ask the question, which is a higher risk, SDF1 being attacked by terrorists mid-air or some amateur pilot accidentally crashing into SDF1 because it isn't listed on any flight plan? Obviously the latter.

The solution to this is so ridiculously easy that it boggles my mind that nobody has thought of it. Reassign SDF1's identity to a random SDF plane every day. That way people will know that an SDF plane is up in the sky at those coordinates, but they won't know that it is the Emperor/Empress/Prime Minister.

Seriously, this isn't brain surgery.

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Japan’s security-conscious government

My vote for joke of the year.

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It's really stupid and idiot. Which Company was behind the that app? Government never should use that Company again.

Why they do not using realtime tracker on Passengers Plane like MH370 instead of PM flight?

These kind of peoples should never employ in important and security sector because they don't know what is important and what is security breaching to nation.

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These kind of peoples should never employ in important and security sector because they don't know what is important and what is security breaching to nation.

Welcome to Japan!

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I use the program. Pretty cool. But yeah, tracking a VIP and having it posted on line. Hmmm...Darwin Award material me thinks.

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