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Farmers struggle to keep cows left behind near Fukushima plant


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Change is difficult for Japanese, even when faced with a Nuclear disaster. At 60+ Be angry the government you have supported don't support you in return.

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Watanabe said he wants to protect his 50 cows "until they die a natural death just like human parents protect their children."

Mr. Abe should support men like him.

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It would only take a small team to go in and clean them out. Just get rid of them.

-15 ( +2 / -17 )

I know a lot of British farmers, and I general most of them look after there animals very well, and I am sure its the same for the ~Japanese farmers, so I can see where there guys are coming from, as I say farming is not a living, its a way of life. I don't know how some make a living due to super markets driving down prices, it seems to be a low paid job at the end of the day. so I hope Watanabe san goes on looking after his cows, and especially if some good data is collected.

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Surely if the report said 14m waves were going to hit the reactor, that same report would say it would hit the houses so they too should have been moved along with diesel generators and eighteen thousand people would have survived.

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They are keeping them as pets... i get it... but please move on... nothing to see here cept crazy people.

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It would only take a small team to go in and clean them out. Just get rid of them.

Aren't they clean already?

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How very sad. Such beautiful creatures (man and beast) ruined by safe, clean, and cheap nuclear power in the hands of TEPCO.

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The observations of no negative impact of higher concentration of radioactive downfall on farm animals should hopefully dampen some of the hysteria and fearmongering among the commentators of JT. But again - they have different agendas...

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Let them go wild - cows have been domesticated for hundreds of years, but their natural instincts re-emerge quickly including behaviours not seen before.

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I can’t believe there is no mention of the most famous animal caretaker in Fukushima, Naoto Matsumura, subject of the wonderful documentary “Alone in Fukushima.” http://aloneinfukushima.com/en/

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