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Japan's imperial family considering social media to stay in touch


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I am for the Emperor and his royal wife communicating through today more accessible platforms. I would preferred a monthly blog were information on dates and times on public outings, the route and type of transportation so to honour their passing in your area. Plus their guidance through rough time would dearly be appreciated.

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Hopefully their accounts will be more than just more polo necks and blazers, hand holding and pinafore frocks under cherry blossoms.

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Pretty sure the Imperial Household Agency will be in charge of this. They will fax each other over what they think should be said while having to decide what clothes the royal family should wear. It’s very stressful. And with all the hanko ink on the one computer screen. This is not going to work.

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They are my favorite royal couple. If they want to use social media then I hope they do.

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Another story of "considering." Why not wait till it is done?

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This won’t end well…

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One of the reasons the British royal family have survived the last two centuries as most other dynasties have disappeared is their ability to connect and communicate with the people at large via the communication technology of the time and adopting new technology as it arises.

They need to ensure wise advice in how to use the tools and not from the hidebound Imperial Agency who have demonstrated they are far too out of touch to handle this. The Agency is part of the problem not part of the solution, the family have a strong brand and a pool of good will in the population that they can leverage to their increased relevance and survival but their continued distance from the people they are supposed to be “the symbol of the state and the unity of the people”.

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Why is anyone interested? Being “royal” or “imperial” is a fictitious title that basically means state sponsored wealth.

Why do you assume they are wealthy?

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agency's manner of communicating with the public "remains at the level of the first half of the 20th

This can apply to almost everything in japan. It has been stuck in the 50 fifties. While I think this has a good side, this inability accept change is the main reason of many difficulties Japan is now facing in particular when it comes to its economy.

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John-san -

Plus their guidance through rough time would dearly be appreciated.

You need the "guidance" of a royal family from another country to help you "through rough times"? Really?

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Social media? Have they gone through the fax machine phase yet?

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Their Only Fans page will be lit

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Are they considering their comms by telex or fax machine?

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Royal families and stay in touch? Good one.

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No. Please don't go down the same route the rest of us took. It will only lead to regret & despair. Stay unplugged and stay free.

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The social media can be used to tarnish the image of the imperial family. And it's believed that there are a certain number of anti-monarchists infiltrated in the Imperial Household Agency. I hope the emperor won't be blurting out his private life on Twitter.

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Good Idea, Congratulation. This way they can Read, watch, and Hear what the people of Japan have to say.

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Waiting on Aiko chans TicTok...

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Face it. The younger generations interest in the imperial family is minimal. They don't really care. Even members of the imperial family are abandoning the family. It may be gone in my lifetime.

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It will be important to know how many followers or subscribers they have and how many likes they get for their tweets. Of course, they might even answer a few DMs if they feel like it or if they'll be allowed. Of course, once you take that Social Media plunge there is no going back without a long apology and deep bows for getting out of something that really doesn't need to exist in the first place.

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Right... you mean the IHA is figuring out a way they can keep the mouths of the Emperor and Empress shut without their permission to open them.

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Who really cares?

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Probably best to avoid Social Media - it's a dog eat dog world out there, rough and crass, and not suitable for the likes of their upbringing. They'd be better off having an Official Web page, and posting messages upon it, than anywhere else.

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With sympathetic looks, Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako are very smart and elegantly dressed.

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New era, new initiatives. Akemashite, Omedetoo gozaimasu. Doozo, yoroshiku onegai itashimasu.

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