Kagoshima overtakes Shizuoka in green tea output for Japan's top spot

By Haruna Usui and Jun Ozaki

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a "tea pairing" campaign to promote the drinking of tea with complementary meals is underway in Shizuoka.

I bet this campaign is taxpayer funded. Spending money encouraging people to be particular about unaffordable tea to be drunk with unaffordable food is end-of-empire stuff. Only a tiny percentage of people in Shizuoka grow tea. Far more work in factories, shops, schools, hospitals, ....

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Is that good news? Sounds more like a quantity over quality attempt. There’s surely still quite a difference if the tea leaves are hand selected by people with generations long expertise or if those harvesting machinery (because there isn’t enough younger workforce) harvests anything in its way, sensor controlled or not.

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Sven Asai,

Like the ‘wide’ varieties of rice in this island burg I suspected consumers can’t tell the difference between Kagoshima or Shizuoka tea. Which is better, to go out of business with the best tea in the world or grow and expand oversease?

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Kagoshima have also won top prizes for 紅茶 Ko-Cha, 'red' or Western black tea.

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To me, most of the green tea tastes good whether it be from Shizuoka, Sayama or Kagoshima.

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