Large percentage of Chiba city officials embrace paternity leave

By Maki Shinozaki

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Excellent. Watch as the private sector follows in the 2040s.

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This is good news for Japanese marriages. Recently re-viewed the “work-life balance” talks by former LDP House Representatives Kensuke Miyazaki, and his lovely, faithful wife, Megumi Kaneko.

“In 2015, Miyazaki made headlines by declaring paternity leave after the birth of the couple’s first child. Miyazaki was the first male lawmaker to ever take such an action.” -

Bravo to the happy couple for finding a ‘true work-life balance’. You are an inspiration to many similar marriages.

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Good. I'd like to see it be longer, though.

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So they agree but yet do not change the laws? Elect efficient politicians people!

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Good news.

As long as they use the leave to actually help out the mother and take care of the baby!

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Japan needs to create a climate so that "men can recognize that their workplace keeps going even when they are not there and that taking paternity leave is meaningful," Ando said.

couldn't agree more myself

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And they will get around to a real legal mandate around the year 2100.

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Good to see Japan jumping into the 1990s without hesitation.

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Its good that they are thinking about work-life balance, but it shouldn't just be for folks who've just had a baby.

Work till 8pm and no holidays the rest of the time and no week off when you feel like it is still not good. A month or two off for new fathers does not dent that. Paternity leave is only needed because folks don't get to take the holiday they have already.

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Unnecessary for a guy to take months off for paternity leave. Just give him a normal 8hr working day with free weekends and regular holidays. Simple.

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It's good to see. Now, if only the big heavy-weight politicians could actually show some initiative as well, instead of sitting on their behinds like always, Japan could come much further in creating a more proper work-life balance and make parenthood not a reason to be a social pariah; both should help with the birth rate, too.

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Anyone seen how inefficient these offices are? If half the staff are absent, really, who would notice?

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