Pandemic spurs more terminally ill to opt for home care in Japan


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Having gone through this recently with an in-law dying from cancer, the in-law, now deceased, was very happy to die at home with loved ones always present. It’s the best way to go.

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Viewing the face of the deceased is an important part of the vigil and funeral service for many, so not being able to have that final 'wakare no aisatsu' will have caused pain for many bereaved.

I feel quite sure that spending one's dying days at home, instead of sunk down in a hospital bed, will have brought great relief.

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Sad story of these times.

it is chaos in my hospital at the moment. 4 staff are infected, so all part-time doctors and specialists have been absent for nearly a month.

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What are terminally ill patients doing in hospitals?

I’d much rather (if able) die at home...

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 I feel quite sure that spending one's dying days at home, instead of sunk down in a hospital bed, will have brought great relief.

It can. However, that's not a certainty. It presumes having family members. Enough family members to take on the work involved. Not all people do.

People needing palliative care may require numerous different medications to manage pain as well as the proximity of a washroom to the patient's bed, the ability of the family members and caregivers or slings to do the proper lifting, all the required extra laundry, bathing and so much more.

Both my parents ended their days in hospice care with competent professionals deftly managing their needs in ways that I could never match. I simply do not have that skill set. I barely know my way around a stick on plaster.

Because I had the hospice option I was free to spend quality time at their bedsides in beautifully appointed rooms with every amenity I could want for my own comfort and solace as well. Both passed peacefully as a result. All that for less than $30 a day. Brilliant. (O Canada!)

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Hospitals are not a suitable place for the terminally ill to die, much better and more peaceful at home or in a hospice. Terminally ill people should not be in hospital in the first place. Care and meds can be given at home and hospices with the right services.

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Hospitals are not overcrowded. My hospitals inpatients are around 20% down.

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Of course everyone wishes to die with their loved ones.

If you die a month or two early, fine.

Problem is are really given best care even at home or is corona virus a bad feason to dispose of costly patients.

There is no need to limkit that harshly visitation rights if taking due protection, especially tests beforehand by now.

RIP and in Love.

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The hospitals are understaffed and overcrowded - it's not like they have a choice.

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