Footage of 'snow monkey acrobats' goes viral


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They're just training their monkey army for when the apes take over the Earth.

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On TV last night one theory was that they were all heading for a telephone pole situated with an area of electric fencing, then shinning down to enjoy the crops within.

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Monkeys climbing around on things, who woulda thought it.

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Oh My,,,,,,,, This is the most interesting video lately. Kinda evolution? It looks like they don't want to walk on much snow.

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Monkey is smart. I watched the vedeo and thought they were adorable.

I like the way they walked on electric wire.

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The weight of fifty or one hundred monkeys must surely test their utility lines, though.

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They are just monkeying around.

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It would be much better if they hadn't superimposed comments.

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How do they avoid electrocution?!!! Anyways, looking good...

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Amusing, but hardly news.

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Unbelievable! Nihon zaru are very wise, and cunning! I have also watched them raid souvenir shops in a gang, stealing cookies and sweets, and mugging tourists of their bags. These ones should be captured and put in the circus!

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How do they avoid electrocution?!!!

The same way that birds do it.

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"How do they avoid electrocution?!!!" quite simple one the lines are insulated with PVC, the other is down to which lines are negative/earth and the other line is positive and it makes no odds if both lines are insulated any way, but if the line was of a green colour it would indicate that its a bare copper wire,

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@extanker: thanks for the link. I was worried about the monkeys because they are touching two lines, but I guess at least one of them must be insulated. In another story I saw monkeys doing a similar feat in India on a train line and getting zapped, then falling and slowly recovering, and in that case falling actually saved it as it was no longer being zapped.

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