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For TEPCO, fresh financing masks long-term problems

By Mari Saito

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Tepco needs to be put to pasture. Its oversight and management is beyond repair. Something new needs to be put in place instead.

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TEPCO should be focused on the immediate containment and clean-up work at Fukushima rather than cutting costs to meet a profit target

That is EXACTLY what they SHOULD be doing... Better yet, get in some real professionals who KNOW what they are doing and lock up the TEPCO people - their greed is beyond belief...

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TEPCO reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. Why? No brains, hearts, or courage.

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"Tepco needs to be put to pasture" the world doesn't work like that. You can't just snap your fingers and make a trillion dollars company dispeer into thin air and expect more magic to just fill its void. The have billions and billions into holdings. What do you want. Just take it out of the bank and burn it? They manage 1/3 or more of the countries power plants. Do you want to blow them up? or just change the management? So keep all the workes? This is half the problem. There is no clear solution. BUT the government and Tecpco and the banks could probably start with full transparency rather than just lying and lying and lying and covering more crap up. With the J-gov and Tepco is the blind leading the dumb and they telling it all to the (deaf) public.

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I think I saw an episode of Tepco long, long ago on the 3 Stooges! These dorks could not make up better comedy?? Bad joke, they are screwing up Fukushima and the Pacific Ocean!! Bastards!

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its like the subprime mortgage crisis in the U.S., tepco should have been put into bankrutcy. in such case it would not disappear overnight but continue operation managed by a trustee who would have full access to all of tepco's financial information until the company was profitable again or could be wound up or sold off in an orderly manner.

the problem is that the banks put pressure on their politician friends, telling them that they would lose huge money which would endanger the financial system as a whole and the politicians listened and the people got screwed.

has anyone gotten a fair payout from tepco yet? tepco's negligence was the cause of the incident in the first place and there is news almost weekly of leaks and incidents, evidence of tepco's continuing negligence. i don't see how tepco can allowed to continue.

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a restart would save it $1 billion a month in fuel costs

Restarting one nuclear power plant will not save $1 billion in fuel costs. The plant can generate about 1 GW of power, or 1 million kW. In one month there are about 720 hours, so the plant can generate 720 million kW hours in one month.

If TEPCO charges Y30 per kW hour they will make Y21.6 billion from selling the power, or $216 million. In order to save $1 billion in fuel costs the thermal plants must be costing something like Y150 per kW hour to run, which is absurdly expensive and definitely not the case. If TEPCO cannot even get a simple calculation like this correct they should not be allowed anywhere near a nuclear facility.

I say sell off TEPCO's assets and liquidate the company. Anyone buying shares will lose out, but that's tough. What idiot buys shares in a bankrupt company?

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One answer fits all situations in Japan.

This is most " regretable" but I'm sure they will " sincerely reflect on the situation", "collect all relevant information swiftly " and "take appropriate action speedily ", "to avoid public confusion" - like form an expert panel.

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TEPCO is essentially dead in the water much as the owners, in typical custom and culture, refuse to see facts. No tears for a fallen entity.

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TEPCO need to wake up and smell the coffee. It's only going to get worse. TEPCO & Japanese Government need to publicly submit a concrete plan as to how they will fix this debacle. Keeping everyone in the dark is unacceptable.

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