Forced from home by floods, Japanese go back to school

By Hiroshi Hiyama

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A sense of normalcy is usually helpful for children in adjusting after a disaster, but as with so many natural disasters here in Japan, I always feel a sense of concern about the mental health care that these children and adults need.

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I think it is great the kids are going back to school. It is a sense of normalcy and also gives them something to focus on other than this tragic event.

I think Japan has improved in the ability to provide mental health services but still has a ways to go

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if I was a kid, I would say”what a bummer”. Homework, cram school and running around the track in 35degrees. And no video games

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Maybe children (and teachers) would do better to have some more time to rebuild their lives and communities as opposed to feeling the obligation of going to school. Especially while their schools are packed with strangers.

People could seriously 'back-off' sometimes in Japan. It's no wonder the kids just recite things like robots with no passion. It's always forced upon them.

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@AgentX, the article does not say that school is back in session. The middle of the article even says the school is closed until at least the end of the summer holidays. This article is about how evacuees are staying at schools many of them haven't been in in decades.

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Silly title

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Victoria MaudeToday 10:42 am JST

So it does, thank you. I skimmed through and misunderstood the gist of the article. That said, though - if kids were expected to return to classes so soon - it wouldn't have surprised me. I've seen schools do things like that after natural disasters (and even during) many times. Hence I went off course with my comment.

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