Foreign trainees worked at Fukushima nuclear plant despite ban


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Hmmmm Japanese in power taking advantage of south East Asian labor?

Old habits die hard it seems

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"We deviated from our independent rules on employment. We will make our subcontractors thoroughly check the terms of their contracts," a TEPCO official said.

That's exactly what is wrong with working in Japan, especially for these trainees. There are so many companies and agencies with their fingers in the pie by the time it actually gets to the people doing the work there is very little left. You can also bet the sub-contract agency pocketed all the danger money the cleanup workers at Fukushima get paid, which is ¥6,000-¥15,000 per day depending on the kind of work. Of course there is no mention of this in the article.

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And Japan will do nothing about it but the "We'll look into it -- it wasn't us, it was our subcontractors, and we have absolutely no say in what they do, and the government no say in what we do, and us no say in what anyone does. It's just... shouganai. We'll look into hiding -- errr... better organising things and we will THOROUGHLY ask the subcontractors politely to think about voluntarily."

It's no wonder Japan is a leader in human trafficking.

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So a few months ago there was this ramen restaurant where managers allowed foreign students to work more than their allowed limit. The government found out and arrested the students (were they also deported?) for their "terrible crime." Now, the government finds out Japanese contractors are illegally making those "trainees" to work in Fukushima and who gets arrested? No-one. Just a slap on the wrist and "please don't it again."

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Garthgoyle: "Just a slap on the wrist and "please don't it again."

Not even that. TEPCO has taken it on themselves to "look into the matter", which the government is more than happy to allow. I mean, they've been pretty competent all along, right?

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The six people were hired by one of TEPCO's subcontractors.

And the name of that company is...............secret.

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Nothing meaningful will change until the next apology. Or maybe the one after that?

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darmstadt - disgusting comment. Way off.

And just as disgusting is this yakuza controlled nuclear clean up that the authorities tolerate.

And people wonder why some of us hate the govt. Sheesh!!!

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Intern program! Just one in a long list of euphemisms used in Japan.

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And the foreign media has nothing to say about it. Scandalous.

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This is nothing new, and will continue long after the Olympics have come and gone. I'm actually getting the sense that Japanese people can't wait for the Olympics to end already so they can blatantly get back to their discrimination.

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