Foreign travelers begin returning to Japan after natural disasters


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Some people don’t want to go to the same place a hundred times. Their expectations on tourism are really insane. It probably isn’t because of the damaged caused by nature. That happens everywhere even in China and a Korea. The tourists were satisfied with their experience and will look for new places to visit.

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While the extreme weather and natural disasters may have deterred some travellers, I’d imagine that so many Asians who can afford to travel have been here already and are now exploring different countries.

I seem to recall in about 2013 that the government target was set at about 20 million visitors by 2020.It’s crazy to think than they’re now targeting 40 million! I really hope that they take the chance to explore Tohoku, Shikoku, and other places off the beaten path!

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Too many. Let's turn it down a notch. Less is more.

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A good exchange rate help to.

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