No. of foreign visitors to Japan reaches 2.29 mil; record number for May


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I'm guessing with all the worries in Europe, Japan seems to be a relatively safe tourist destination. I just wish that instead of sticking in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, that they would get out and visit more local areas. I think Japan has done a poor job advertising the rest of the country.

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Here in Osaka, the entire downtown is flooded with tourists.

I live up north and from Namba, all the way past Shin Osaka the trains were about 30% tourists from China, Korea, and South East Asia.

I'm really glad that all these people are coming to Osaka and hope they have a great time.

PS - They are probably helping to keep Japan afloat financially as well.

Im surprised Abe doesn't try to state that the massive increase in tourism is his "third arrow"'s the best thing that's happened during his time in office.

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Im surprised Abe doesn't try to state that the massive increase in tourism is his "third arrow"'s the best thing that's happened during his time in office.

Had it any significant impact on Japanese economy it would have been headline news...on all seven continents on the earth.

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Tourism has become so big down here that sometimes it's hard to tell I am living in Okinawa when I go shopping at AEON. The announcements are in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, English, and if one listens close enough you can hear people talking in Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Russian, and a host of others as well.

Yeah there are benefits to having the tourists, economically speaking, but there are times I wish for the days when seeing a tourist in the neighborhood was a rarity and not the rule.

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I live up north and from Namba, all the way past Shin Osaka the trains were about 30% tourists from China, Korea, and South East Asia.

I'm really glad that all these people are coming to Osaka and hope they have a great time

Just 5 years ago, I could walk through Shinsaibashisuji and be surrounded by Japanese. I went last year and other than the shopkeepers the crowds were almost entirely foreign.

Anyway, I'm really glad they're all going to Osaka too, and Kyoto and Tokyo, and leaving Kobe relatively quiet. I'm not selling anything and I'm no fan of garishly dressed hordes w/selfie sticks.

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You know you've lived in Japan too long when the sight of visitors spending hard earned cash is considered a nuisance. The irony is fantastic!!

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Japan is quite a safe and can be considered to be an "exotic" destination for those that have not been. Many from China are coming to shop. I spoke to one guy from mainland China and he was quite straight forward about the fact he has more trust in the fact that products purchased in Japan have a much higher chance than those bought in China. In Ginza people from the mainland buy suitcases and fill them.

I think this has quite a large economic impact on Japan. It is nice to see people come.

Also I agree with the poster above that Japan should do more to promote the "inaka". There are many amazing places in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Yamanashi, Kyushu, etc. etc.

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I do not know why they visit Japan. In the same manner I have the same question about foreign commentators here too. I am a Japanese but I have never been abroad and never will be. Probably you are the curious people.

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Which is contradicting the current governmental propaganda about "public fear" toward the NK's threat.

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I know what you mean jcapan, things have totally changed in Osaka in the last few years. New hotels and facilities all over. It's a good thing for sure in my opinion, and of course it's good for the economy, so I don't really agree with those who don't see it.

I try to not dislike tourists even if they are in my way, as I go off and become one every little while too.

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i can't afford restaurants anymore, now everything is tourist prices. before i was a novelty in japan and was given gifts everyday. now i'm just another tourist. its great for some businesses, but i kind of miss the old days.

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Judging by the flight in, the vast majority of inbound tourists are from other parts of Asia. With terrorist attacks in Europe becoming the normal guessing there will be an increase of Western tourists soon.

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I'm surprised there is still an 'exoticness' factor to Japan considering the thousands of blog posts, guides and information available to tourists now. I used to get asked for where to go and what to eat in Tokyo, but now when friends come to visit they often know more restaurants than i do, thanks to all the foodie posts with detailed photos and ordering guides.

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Big money spending tourists are mainly Chinese, Hong Kongers, Taiwanese, Koreans and South East Asians. But it is still too difficult for Japanese politicians to acknowledge and appreciate them, because of "superiority" complex.

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As a regional leader, this would have happened years ago with better promotion. Ten years ago, Singapore alone used to get more tourists than the whole of Japan. I think Thailand still does.

In a survey I saw, "Onsens" were in the top three things Asian visitors like about Japan. Since most of the visitors to Japan are Asian, I'd imagine there has been an upturn in business at those big and slightly faded hotels you get at the commercialized onsen towns where they can take a couple of busloads at a time. The last time I went to one just for dinner, there were about a hundred NJ tourists there. It was a weekday and there were only a handful of Japanese guests.

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don't believe it is fear of Europe as most of this increase is from China and Korea.  Japan offers them good value and has cultural cachet.

not sure I would take the Tokyo view bus in the pic.  not the prettiest city in the world to take a drive thru.  rather pick some selected places or things

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 I think Japan has done a poor job advertising the rest of the country.

This happens with every new destination. The first several years, tourists flock into the most prominent and easily accessible places. Gradually, some visiotors start to come back and form the repeat-visitor base. Many of them will be going to places other than Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Japan is still young as a travel destination so the repeat-visitors should be increasing from now on. As the country laready has most of the infrastructure making access to local areas relatively easy, those areas will be getting more attention in the near future. Local governments have realised the potential and many are opting for DMOs to ensure that they will be put and stay on the visitors' maps.

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I think Japan has done a poor job advertising the rest of the country.

Unfortunately, the small localities are not yet ready to receive tourist

They look at tourist as an unwelcome nuisance that don't follow

rules and disrupt the quiet of local communities.

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I do not know why they visit Japan. In the same manner I have the same question about foreign commentators here too. I am a Japanese but I have never been abroad and never will be. Probably you are the curious people.

Interesting that a poster here, with the handle you have, Schopenhauer, understands and writes English better than many native users, has never been abroad, and doesn't understand why people come here, yet participates almost daily on an English based message board discussing issues related to Japan and the world.

Sounds to me like YOU are the curious one.

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I don't know where everyone is getting their ideas from, but some parts of inaka are all for foreign tourists. It seems like they can get funding for promotion from national and prefectural governments, so I think some places will be extra eager to launch projects simply because they can get their hands on such funds which are seen as free money. The national government in turn is happy to hand out token amounts of cash because it can then say it is helping the provinces, all while ignoring the more important issue of overcentralization which is what really hurts the provinces.

Here is an example of a town in inaka actively handing out public money to travel companies who run bus trips there. Payola to get the punters in.

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I do not know why they visit Japan. In the same manner I have the same question about foreign commentators here too. I am a Japanese but I have never been abroad and never will be. Probably you are the curious people.

I have Japanese friends, a girlfriend and I love the country... THAT is why I go to Japan on holiday. I developed an interest in Japan as a child, so it was my dream to always visit Japan one day... I've now been lots of times, and enjoyed it every time.

Do you object to tourists?

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The other week I started booking my holidays with my brother, were booking hotels for next April in Japan, but I was struggling to book some places, so I can agree with this article. It is a shame that the exchange rate is not in our favour, it always drops or is low when I book, but I think that is what they call Murphy's law!. but it will never stop me traveling to Japan.

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Brain, I'm the same. I always like to book early but my preferred hotel doesn't take booking any sooner than three months before the check in date. Which is a pain. I normally email them to warn them I'm going to reserve a room lol

As for the Pound's rate against the Yen... it's always a gamble.

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I know that some Brits that only go to Benidorm in Spain every year, well if that rocks your boat,so be it, But I do love going to Japan its big and there is lots of places to visit and explore, one of my other friends want to go to Japan and I keep saying to her "lets go then"! but she backs out, the most annoying thing is she watches all of the Japanese documentaries on the TV, when we sit down to watch them she says Oooh! thats nice I would like to go their or visit that xxxx, I reply Ive been their and it is a nice xxx. were only on this planet a very short time, I suggest that we all make the most of it.

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Your comment reminded me of Arthur Waley.

British oriental scholar Arthur Waley (1889-1666) translated "The Tale of Genji" and Chinese classics without visiting Japan and China.

"Without going out of your door, You can know the ways of the world. Without peeping through your window, you can see the Way of Heaven. The farther you go, The less you know. Thus, the Sage knows without traveling, Sees without looking, And achieves without struggle." Lao Tse.

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Correction: Arthur Waley (1889-1966)

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How many of them were simply Chinese folks shopping for diapers and baby formula that doesn't have asbestos and mercury in them?

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Great news! The massive tourist numbers can be clearly seen on a daily basis here in Tokyo, they are literally everywhere

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I think one of the reasons people go there is the effect of Tokyo Olympic. I guess many tourist want to go Japan before the Olympic held. The monthly figure rose above 2 million people for the sixth consecutive month, I think this have a huge economic impact to Japan. I'm glad to know that number of tourist is increasing.

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It seems that tourists that went to Japan reached the highest value this May. I was delighted when I saw this article because I felt that Japan is becoming popular in such countries where many foreigners would like to visit. I love Japan. Japanese people, Japanese cuisine, Japanese beautiful scenery etc, Japan has many places to be proud of. So, I would like to have many more people visit Japan and enjoy Japan. And I would like many people to know more about Japan. For that, first of all, I think that it is important for Japanese people to know about Japan, to have pride in Japan and to spread it to the world. I think that Japanese do not know much about their good and bad places. The Olympic Games are waiting in 2020. By the Olympic Games, I think that it would be nice to stay in such a country that it is easy to spend time in, even for people from various countries visit while leaving the good points of Japan properly.

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Japan is a country with many different cultures, meals and buildings, so I think there should be more tourists. Also, I think that it should be expected to have a lot of tourists in Japan because we have a lot of traditional building and temples that is attractive to forginers.

 There are plenty of relaxing places in Japan, there are traditional things that the past people left behind, so I thought it would be better if foreigners gain more opportunities for foreigners to learn Japanese culture with this.

Listen to the current news a lot of the electronic appliances bought by China. Therefore it is surprising that there are many Korean tourists. And I was surprised that the number of foreign visitors to Japan accounted for a quarter of all visitors from Korea. I thought there should be more Chinese tourists in Japan, but there's not much. It was surprising that there are many majority of the number of foreibner visitors in Japan are from Korea.

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I found that foreign visitors largely increase year by year in Japan. I was surprised that the visitors from South Korea reached 85%. A boom in Korea continues in Japan since old days, we even have Korean programs in Japan now. Too many Japanese have become a Korean fans, but not the other way around. Actually, I have been observing that the number of foreign people seen in town are increasing year by year especially Asians. Today, foreign people is becoming more important existence in Japanese economy. Not only in Japan but in other countries as well since the importance of sightseeing is increasing all over the world. I think that the competition will become more and more intense from now on. In order to win in the competition, we need to further develop our tourism so we can attract more foreign people to visit Japan.

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We were surprised to learn that more than 2 million foreigners visit small island country like Japan a month. There are many visitors from Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries relatively close to Japan, among them however, Korean people visit Japan the most.

We believe that the number of visitors from other countries will further increase in the future.

Nowadays it is very common to see foreigners everywhere across Japan. For example, there are many foreigners taking photos and videos in front of Shibuya station.

We have heard that Shibuya Crossing also known as the 'Scramble Crossing' which Japanese people use daily, is very interesting for foreigners and visitors to the country.

Although Japan is a relatively small island country, there are many places to visit with great sightseeing spots. 

So we believe that Japan has many places to offer for visitors coming into Japan, with each visit being unique because of the many attractions and sightseeing locations. 

As Japan is in competition with other European countries for tourism, we believe it is important for Japan to also consider the wellbeing of foreigners so that Japan does not fall behind. 

We also hope that in the future not only people from Asia but people from all over the world are interested in Japan and come to visit.

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I am surprised that so many foreigners are visiting Japan and I am very happy because of that. In particular, it can be said that there are so many visitors from Asia. I think that to visit neighboring countries and similar cultures is very important. Ahead of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, the number of visitors from abroad will increase even further. Japan is a very attractive country where traditional culture and contemporary culture are merged/mixed. There are many historical sights, you can eat delicious meals and enjoy shopping, and Japan is a very safe country. From now on, we should try to convey a message of the enjoyment, safety and appeal of the journey to Japan to many foreign tourists. Now we can get information on various countries on the Internet, and of course people who have never been to Japan know what kind of place Japan is. But I really hope that you will visit Japan and see its beauty with your own eyes.

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We thought that China had the most visitors to Japan. Many Koreans come to Japan because Korea and Japan are so close that it is easy for them to come for sightseeing.  Although diplomatic ties with Korea have not improved so much, it is wonderful that so many tourists come. We think it is very important to know each other's culture and life style deeply.  In addition, to host the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, the country has been making various efforts. So we want more and more tourists from abroad If tourists from abroad increase, Japan's economy will become stronger.  There are many foreigners here in Japan, of which many are Asian.  We want people from various countries and areas such as Europe and America to visit Japan to know our culture and history.  Japan should make more of an effort so that the number of tourists coming will continue to grow regardless of the Olympics but continually.

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The number of the Japanese visitors in the month of May is estimated to be 2,300,000 people and increases by 21.2% from a year earlier and Japanese are very happy about this increase. 

This inrease makes Japanese easily go to Korea. Because there are a lot of traveleres from Korea who comes to Japan between long leaves of absence mainly.

By country and region, the result is 550,000 in Korea, 510,000 in China, 400,000 in Taiwan, and 180,000 in Hong Kong.For this reason, I realized that there's a lot of Asian foreigners who visit Japan. 

The number of tourists nationwide for the first five months of this year was 11.4 million, an increase of 17.3% compared with last year. So it is expected that more foreign tourists will visit Japan for the 2020 Olympic Games.

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It’s good news that so many people visit Japan while Japan is aiming to attract more foreign visitors.

Increase of foreign visitors will be a good chance for Japanese people to know about them. This happened to me a few months ago. I saw a group of tourists at Shinjiku Expressway Bus Terminal. They seemed to come from Indonesia or Malaysia, because the women in that group were wearing hijab. They were spreading a small rug on the floor and sitting on it. I first though that they were taking a rest there, but I noticed that they had just finished their prayer. It was a good experience for me to know how Muslims spend a daily life.

It must be more fun not only knowing about them but also talking with them and introducing Japan to them in my own words.

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