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Tokyo aquarium seeks video-chats for eels

By Kazuhiro Nogi

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Love eels - grew accustomed to the giant moray eels when diving in California, but I'd never heard of this species - fascinating. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heterocongrinae

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There are more pressing things to deal with than this.

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I have to say that in light of the pandemic this story and this issue is pretty dang stupid.

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I wonder how eel specialty restaurants are doing.

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It is likely eels know us better than we know them. After reading this article I'll never eat another eel again.

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Just imagine if the 'authorities' were telling citizens to go outside and shoot their guns in the air, honk their car horns, bang pots and pans, turn up the music, just so the animals know we still exist.

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Stories like this, especially in a time like this are important. It gives us a momentary respite from "more pressing things." Fluff is not a bad thing.

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I wonder how well this will work? It seems time that they would be more sensitive to the glass tapping and general movements that people bring. Hopefully just having people talking to them will allow them to be be used to people again.

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What a wonderful idea.

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