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Emperor Emeritus Akihito undergoes surgery for cataracts in right eye


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I have worn glasses since my early school days. Five years ago, I was operated for cateracts in both eyes. First on one eye and, after a month, on the second. The surgery was painless and, each was over in fifteen minutes. After each operation I had to wear an eye patch for a week. I chose to have lenses for looking far away.

When my eyes were healed after a month, I jumped on my bike and I could see the tiny leaves on tall trees in the far away distance dancing in the wind. My heart too was dancing as my eyesight was restored 20/20. I look forward to riding my bicycle every day in all seasons in Canada till 2030 when I shall celebrate my first birthday with three numbers. What miracles have been achieved in eye surgery! And in general surgery! I am sure Emperor Akihito's cataract surgery will make his eyesight 20/20 again in a month afterwards.

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PS And I wish Emperor Akihitpo and Empress Emerita Michiko many very good wishes.

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DaveToday  08:10 am JST

I had this done, very simple, but usually do both eyes. Boy is it nice afterwards.

100% agree with this. I've just had both eyes fitted with new lenses and now don't need glasses any more after wearing them for 30 years. I had them replaced one week apart and there really was nothing to it, if you drive to the clinic you need someone else to drive you home. Work was done at a local eye clinic and is covered by health insurance.

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