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Empress emerita Michiko has cataract surgery on both eyes


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Interesting.... she did both surgeries within a week. Years ago in Japan, they wanted people to do these surgeries months apart. I, myself, recently had cataract surgery on both eyes, the surgeries were scheduled just 3 weeks apart. The former empress did it within one week. What that tells me is that within a week they can now tell if the surgery was successful or not. Good luck to her on her recovery.... my went well and I'm extremely happy I did it.

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Best wishes to her.

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Wshing her a quick recovery. I read in an interview she gave that she wanted to spend her new free time reading. She now has new eyes to read as much as she likes - happy reading!

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My first was extremely painful. They did not use enough of that spray to numb it correctly. My second one blinded me for a week. They severely scratched the cornea some how. Then the first one within a few months had what is called an after cataract and required laser surgery. A month later somehow a tear occurred on my retina and needed painful laser surgery for that. Besides chronic herpes in my eyes, I am doing great. I can see really well.

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i am very sorry, I hope that she will recover with better eye-sight.

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