Empress emerita Michiko turns 85; celebrations shelved over typhoon


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She is retired, after 85 years of celebrations sure she doesn't give a hoot. Typhoon or not. Give her a break.

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At my age, I delight in birthdays except for my own - I just want to be left alone. I'm guessing Michiko-sama has similar feelings. A happy birthday, and best wishes for many more ahead.

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That's great and many congratulations for the birthday, but I have one question. Who pays for the celebration and from where does this money come from?

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Tax, would like to know when any of them actually paid tax or paid for anything, do they have a wallet? For them money falls from the sky? As their ancestors did.

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Congratulation with 85 year birthday of Her Majesty Empress Emerita Michiko

She is very Nice Empess

I meet the Empress emerita in Londen.

So happy that she retired now.

> > Rosiati

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Now - THAT is an expression of empathy by Empress Emeritus Michiko.


It is going to take this degree of 'sacrifice' for the new Emperor and Empress to win the hearts of the populace and demonstrate they 'get' the exigencies of the people.



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Happy Birthday Empress Michiko.

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Happy super birthday to U. I wish U very well.

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