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Fountain of youth? Study finds new anti-aging compound in plant

By Yoshikazu Tsuno

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Well and good, but getting older is a part of the life cycle, being healthy is one thing, being able to enjoy one's later years is something totally different!

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Ashitaba! Great! I love this vegetable. Very interesting. I wish I could find it in Okinawa, but I've never seen it here.

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So, what is Ashitaba in English? What does it look like? Where is it grown? What kinds of meals is it included in? 15 paragraphs of self-gratification without any real information. Fantastic reporting, NOT!

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How do people eat this plant?

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How do people eat this plant?

Deep-fried as tempura, in stir-fry or ground into paste and mixed in mochi or tea.

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There is plenty of information on Ashitaba in English. Use Google. Here are some links: https://selfhacked.com/blog/ashitaba/



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I regard this as a potentially significant scientific achievement (subject to replication and verification), and try not to conflate it with political or social issues.

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Great for plant eaters. Eat your vegetables yo

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Thanks, Bertie

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You of all people must know it, old lad.

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My family grows Ashitaba in our garden and eat it for the said health benefits. A few things that I'd like to say to those who would like to start eating this: eat the leaf with other foods (preferably strong tasting foods) if you can't tolerate its bitterness, there's a chance that you might suffer from a mild fever after eating this for the first time (I think its your body's response to the toxins being flushed out), it grows in relatively warmer climates and would do well in colder climates so long as it gets direct sunlight

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My dream is to live until 150 years old. So I want to eat as much Ashitaba superfood as possible!

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Brace yourselves for a wave of new ashitaba products flossing the market! Perhaps a good thing.

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Still going to die. No such thing as an anti-death compound. Get ready for the endless commerciqls touting this and anything renmotely connected.

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Ashitaba can be purchase in capsule too, more convenient and dont have to taste bitter leaf.

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Insects are eating Ashitaba all the time but I’ve yet to see a 50 year old fruit fly.....

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What are these elderly doing in the street?

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Long life without money is not enjoyable.

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Looks like our Pacific Northwest "Pacific Waterleaf" which is edible and not many know about it. It grows under large leaf maple trees. I researched the waterleaf because our wild cottontail bunnies were eating it. SO I tried it too, it's OK and I will add it to my smoothies once in a while. As for being the most healthy plant, I don't know... I am reading about oleocanthal.

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Niijima and Hachijojima, in the Izu island chain are famous for Ashitaba production and recipes. Not too far from Tokyo either. Awesome beaches, nice surf and fishing as well.

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Looks like Pac NW Pacific Waterleaf which I see the wild bunnies eating in our back yard.

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I eat this sometimes if I can find it. But still look old.

it can be found in Isu, but I can find in Kansai.

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Sounds great. Do you smoke it or snort it?

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