Four China coast guard ships seen in disputed zone


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is it just me or china IS increasing its fleet in the sea?

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Just to let you know, China, the islands are not yours and never were. Your biggest claim to them is that they are part of your continental shelf. Guess what. Hawaii belongs to America. Get over it.

China has the audacity to question why Japan is not angry at America for the bombs even while Japan and Russia are reaching agreements on their own disputed islands? Sorry but if actions speak louder than words, how does China intend to prove it is not the provocative party here? Why do we hear about China sending ships into territories and not Japan sending ships in territories? Apparently the entire world views these incursions as China going into a place where it does not belong.

Sadly that is the only reason war has not broken out. If China thinks it has the world’s blessing it will absolutely take islands by force. The world needs to teach China a lesson that clearly states that China is not the world, and the country that controls an island is the country that owns it, and no one else, for any reason.

If a country thinks it has legal rights to an island because of something 500 years ago, it should have done something to retain control or accept loss of control.

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Inane. Pointless. Unproductive. Childish. Small-minded. Unimaginative. Impotent. The CCP controllers sending off these ships with fantasies of regional domination and sticking it to the Japanese, are like teenage boys with a porn magazine. Get your hands out of you pants, guys, you're only kidding yourselves. Your empty displays of power are just making you look idiotic.

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I guess this is another example of what they mean by "China’s reasonable proposals have not been met with proper responses".

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China first needs to prove ice lands belongs to them... it does not make sense they just send their ships in trouble water..

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China's "claims" have no backing at all from the international community. And the more they thump their chest the more the containment will tighten.

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Hmm wonder if these ships were accidentally sank!!!! Japan needs some new tenants on these islands.

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Yet another open attempt to bully Japan, what does China hope to achieve? In all this they are continuing to complain about Japan's plans to increase its defensive, and introduce offensive weapons into its arsenal and why might you ask? The Chinese and North Koreans that's why! China will have its hands full if they continue an open strategy of continuing to push a sovereign nation and to what end? Those dogs just will not stop their attempts to move things as they wish to them to be moved! Not Just in Japan, but in Viet Nam, and the Philippines, they are resource hungry, and have made no secret as to their needs; they will gobble up anything they set an eye towards. Keep Japan safe, only by showing resolve can Japan stand up to those thugs! Thank your lucky stars that there are brave men and women in Japan willing ready and able to wear the uniform, serve, and protect!

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Will someone just build a ramen stand there so everyone will be happy.

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