4 years after disaster, Fukushima workers get own rest area

By Thomas Wilson

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All TEPCO executives should be required to live at the plant site. Do that and you'll see conditions improve quite rapidly.

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In four years, they didn't have one?


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I bet management had places to eat, sleep, bathe.

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Bertie - agree - unbelievable that the tens of thousands of workers who have passed through over 4 years, working in stressful, dangerous and dirty situations, didn't have a proper eating, cleaning and resting facility.

With all the trillions of yen flying around, no-one thought to look seriously at the welfare of the front-liners.

Feudalism reigns.

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Four years after...utterly disgraceful; and what of the displaced? Tokyo won the Olympics and everyone hooped and hollered and celebrated. Is this not sobering news? Complete disgrace and truly a sad state of affairs.

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Absolutely appalling

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Shh! don't mention that word!: YAKUZA

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agreed to above comments.

that is not the only area being obscured from public scrutiny. blue collar workers here mostly have no chances, their choices skimmed, no opportunities to grow further, let alone to complain.

japan has everything that any country need to grow and prosper, except that no place for new ideas to shake this old system.

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For stone heads like Abe and his ultra right "friends," Fukushima and Okinawa are INAKA. And therefore expendable.

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Would anyone else like to see, in the interests of the transparency promised by the Dear Leader, some documentation which explains where the trillions of yen of OUR MONEY has gone in the last four years, which was apparently of a higher priority than providing basic living facilities to the people who have been trying to salvage this monumental balls-up?

You can either do things on the cheap, or throw money at something. We seem to have chosen the second option. So where has the money gone? Someone has been getting this money and it clearly isn't being spent on even the most fundamental necessities. So where has it gone?

Fukushima is the scam of the century. It makes FIFA look petty.

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For stone heads like Abe and his ultra right "friends," Fukushima and Okinawa are INAKA. And therefore expendable.

Mr Abe is from Yamaguchi, much further from Tokyo than Fukushima. Does that mean he considers his own hometown expendable too?

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Christopher Glen,

Good point. He might have a soft spot for Yamaguchi, I don't know. But he certainly has neglected Fukushima and completely ignored Okinawa. My guess is that his bias is not geographical but centers around his rich, ultra-right wing "friends."

On the one hand he is easily influenced by his powerful friends and American handlers, on the other he is insane.

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