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Free weddings offered for couples hit by venue pandemic bankruptcies


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Companies going bankrupt, people losing jobs, families with no income, governments gone broke - & people still insist we need another lockdown

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We need to ensure people are safe!

who would even think of getting married in these times at a Chapel?

Not surprising the wedding companies are gong bankrupt!

It’s better to Postpone your marriage until the virus has lessened or just marry at your local city hall and a hell of a lot cheaper too!!

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We need to ensure people are safe!

Yes, we should lock everyone into a small cell with padded walls, and give them approved food through a slot in the door. That way we can be sure everyone will be safe! When we run out of food because nobody is working, we can eat bugs.

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Greeting hitched is really not a priority at this time, so of course people will put off wedding plans....

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It’s better to Postpone your marriage until the virus has lessened or just marry at your local city hall and a hell of a lot cheaper too!!

Or go to city hall, file the paperwork and be married. (Dress up a little and celebrate with a nice meal and bubbly afterwards if you like.) Nevermind all the fantastical-fuss of the wedding industry. Keep your money. Create a great marriage and a great life instead of a Disney-style wedding.

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If wedding companies really want to survive, they need to heavy promote and invest in internet dating in these times of social isolation/distancing.

human beings only reason for existence is to breed then die. Similar to bacteria actually. Human reproduction requires parent/parents to raise their offspring for 16 years or more. Some kind of partnership contract is vital for the upbringing process. I’m not religious, but commitment can lead to stable future. Just look at gay marriage for example.

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My gay friends have adopted children BTW.

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wedding receptions are not included in the free package

So still a ripoff...


Do you think bright future are gays adopting ?

I follow well your first thoughts but then it's a total contradiction. Getting incentives for people to get kids and bring them up in a nice atmosphere is to push for stable couples indeed. But if no first step (breed), no second one.

I am not against gay adopting but that is totally secondary and only if no standard parents available.

Anyway gay couples have yet to be offiicially recognized in Japan so need a bit of time objectively.

I have not endure the financial cost of a marriage in Japan. I assume my mother in law was more than happy to experience a foreign unique wedding at a bargain price.

Please everyone enjoy your wedding day, whether small or big, with your beloved ones if possible ! Love is all.

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These ceremonies are just unnecessary, they are not legally binding. The only way to marry in Japan is to register at your city or ward office. You can marry, you just can’t have the trivialities that really are not important.

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All those who are saying to forget a wedding & just go to city hall, must be men.

Its a woman’s dream to wear a white wedding dress & walk down that aisle.

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Most of the foreign Pastors are fake. most hold full time teaching jobs making them high risk due to interaction with students, and private exchange groups in bars etc., not to mention their high risk socializing in bars that cater to foreigners. Your also risking getting married by a fake Pastor who at the most payed 10000 yen for a paper certificate issued by someone that says he qualifies as a Pastor, not someone who has had years of training in the Church

The singers a lot of who are professional performer's are in high contact groups as artists as to playing in clubs

My advice if you want a Christian wedding do it in a real Church

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My advice if you want a Christian wedding do it in a real Church

How is a “real church” more real than a Japanese wedding chapel?

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