French man says sister missing in Japan since 2018 a victim of crime


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He is surely right. One does not magically disappear.

And why Japanese authorities do not hand out every bit of information they possess ?

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He said he wants access to the findings of the Japanese authorities but finds it difficult to navigate the Japanese justice system to make that possible.

Why wouldn’t the Japanese authorities be transparent ?

I can think of several reasons which have been apparent in past cases of foreigners disappearing in Japan and in some of those,the investigating authorities have been shown to be inefficient and lax.

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If Lucy Blackman's father didn't ask and ask again for his daughter, she might never be found

Even Tony Blair, UK Prime Minister at that time ask Japanese PM.

At the end they found her body and the criminal behind her disappearance.

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Foreign Women in Japan, need a Lifeline of support to turn to, either over the internet or in person - "calls for help" are easily monitored by their "Captures", so something needs to be done to help them. Sadly how do you get such resources out to such people in need ?

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Anyone who has witnessed the indifference Japanese law enforcement can show to victims of abuse will not find the story of the missing French woman surprising in the least.

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Find her first before make guesses that can't be proven yet..

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A Japanese missing in France? Problem. Same as if a white woman goes missing in the U.S or in a poor country. Big problem. Now, some of those people in rich countries understand how many marginalized people feel when one of their loved ones goes missing and the authorities don't seem to give much of a damn.

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A Japanese woman did disappear in France and was murdered in 2016. French authorities found her killer. Just not her body. Not sure what you’re talking about.

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GaijinjlandToday 01:10 pm JST


> A Japanese woman did disappear in France and was murdered in 2016. French authorities found her killer. Just not her body. Not sure what you’re talking

I'm talking about the attention that's typically given. It's usually based on socioeconomic status and race. The people from certain places and certain races get more attention in most cases.

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I get that people become very emotional about these kind of sad, strange cases and I understand the family concerns. But one thing you need to remember is that police in first world countries - making a distinction between Japan for example and a country that is developing where police are often just about the same as the military and not accountable - with western type democracies sometimes withhold information while lines of enquiry are being followed.

Looking at this case again, the J police in that area of Tochigi could have info but no real evidence against an individual/individuals. They could of already questioned a local or locals but have no evidence to keep them in the set period of detention for interrogation. I'm cutting the J police in this case some slack as they aren't the only police in democracies who don't give much info as that could either harm a case they're building or they are still trying to build a case.

And it might just be there is no suspect in this case tho the owner of that ryokan sounds a little weird from some reviews that were online. On the other hand, he got some good reviews as well. I think there's nothing to link anybody with her disappearance if this case goes unsolved - meaning it could be murder but if there's no evidence like witnesses, clothes, DNA on objects found in the area, etc, then this will be a hugely steep battle for her brother and family in France to do anything.

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About the comparisons being made to the Lucy Blackman case - she didn't disappear in a mountainous area. She disappeared on a risky hostess date with a wealthy customer outside the familiarity of the hostess club, the same customer who turned out to be her murderer.

It's not hard to see that this hostess business would have done everything to protect itself and its money flow especially as a lot of it was coming from moneyed customers like the pos who murdered Lucy. That would have delayed the case's progress. There is also the key mistake made by J cops who turned up at the pos' home address and when refused admission, didn't go further and get a search warrant.

Obviously the murderer's money and status influenced that. In this French woman's case, there seem to be no leads except possibly the owner of the ryokan but the J police might still be investigating or have ruled him out and don't see the need to ruin his reputation by mentioning him.

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Sorry for your loss. Can a bear attack be ruled out?

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And why Japanese authorities do not hand out every bit of information they possess ?

I do believe that you have been around here long enough to know the answer to this.

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A more recent case is the American tourist woman who disappeared in Nara. After an extensive search, she wasn't found. The woman, Patricia Wu-Murad, 60, is believed to have disappeared along the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage routes.

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Sounds like something happened to her, but we can't know until we know. She may well have run away and made it look like there might have been something nefarious. In any case, I'm glad he's keeping it up.

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Just about the only thing that is transparent about the Japanese justice apparatus is its incompetence.

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