Frenchman killed in crash at Fuji speedway


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Sorry, but it IS a Race Track.

Remember this guy.

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WA4TKG - I don't understand the connection between this man's death, and Senna's. You mean because they both died in car crashes?

I am sorry for Mr Renaud's family and loved ones. 49 is still so young. What a shame and waste.

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Not good. Apparently he was the President of Otis (Elevators) Japan.

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Well, if you live dangerously

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He died doing what he loved. Unfortunately, just too early. RIP

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No, but it's still a classic tune.

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May he RIP and hope his family is alright.

He wasn’t speeding on roads, but took his hobby to the track.

Stay safe everyone.

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Speed kills....................

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He must have been driving a sports car designed for normal road use not a racing car as those have extra protection for the driver.

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Yes. Absolutely and without any question he undoubtedly must have done so.

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Maria, people are know to die on Race Tracks, yup, that’s the connection, what they’re doing is dangerous.

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Actually death on race tracks is rare.

Nobody should be criticized for liking cars or bikes, taking them to a track, and doing what they were designed to do.

Many more die on roads, its statistically much more dangerous to drive even while tired or after a long days work, a night of drinking, etc.

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Been there, done that, and had my fair share of crashes. That first corner at Fuji is tricky after max speed down the long straight. Just unlucky for Guillaume Renaud. What thepersoniamnow just said.

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