Fukui dinosaur museum to get ¥9.4 bil facelift


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This is a great place to visit with kids.

The museum is quite big and they take you on a tour to an actual excavation site.

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Fukui dinosaur museum to get ¥9.4 bil facelift


The local government hopes that the annual number of dinosaur museum visitors will hit 1.4 million after the renovation is completed. The current record is 938,000 set in the year ended March 2019.

469,000 increase in visitors is the target. How did they arrive at this number? Seems pretty random.

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469,000 increase in visitors is the target. How did they arrive at this number? Seems pretty random.

They're special numbers. They're local government numbers!

Great place to take your kids, but I have to question the value of spending that much money on renovations.

It's special money. It's government money!

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With the floor space expanded by 5,700 sq meters, the renovated facility is planned to open in the summer of 2023 following the start of the Hokuriku Shinkansen bullet train serves to Fukui in the spring of that year.

I guess I wasn't paying attention and missed them taking the decision to extend the line beyond Kanazawa. It doesn't make sense unless the line goes all the way to Osaka and gets Osaka to Kanazawa passengers. There is fundamentally not enough demand to extend the line otherwise.

Note that places like Myoko along the extension past Nagano City have reported disappointing numbers of passengers since the line was extended. Tokyo-Kanazawa aside, I don't think there is much new demand for anywhere else. Note also that Osaka-Kanazawa etc. will also be covered about an hour slower by existing express trains that will continue as heavy loss-making zombie lines once the Shinkansen is built. Such lines can't be shut down because local people use them. Local people cannot pay 2000 yen in each direction to go one stop on the Shinkansen.

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The article does not mention when the renovation will start. WI'll the museum be closed for the duration of the renovation?

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Nice. :)

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