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Fukui governor says he believes Oi reactors are safe


Fukui Gov Issei Nishikawa said Tuesday he believes adequate safety measures are in place at the Oi nuclear power plant.

Nishikawa made the comments after a three-hour visit to the plant in Fukui Prefecture. The central government is planning to restart the plant's No. 3 and No. 4 reactors after it gets Nishikawa's approval, which is expected to come later this week.

Nishikawa told reporters he believes plant operator Kansai Electric Power Co has beefed up safety standards to enable the plant to safely withstand an earthquake as powerful as the one that struck the Tohoku last year, NTV reported.

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he believes adequate safety measures are in place

So it's a question of religion now, is it?

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Fukui governor says he believes Oi reactors are safe

This is not enough! Such day-light swearing liers like Nishikawa, Noda etc should sign a contract with the people such that in case of accident, they are locked up or hanged. Otherwise one bribed crook after another will spring up with naked lies of how the nuke reactors are safe. Never mind that most do not even know how nukes operate or what stress tests are and how they are done

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"In place" hahaha...

What he "saw" was that they are in the process of building a sea wall, but it is not ready yet. He saw that they have plans in place for creating safety features which are not yet there at this time. He was assured that everything will be taken care of. Two or three years down the road.

Let us hope there are no large earthquakes in the meantime.

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Fukui governor says he believes Oi reactors are safe

I used to believe that this was a working democracy.

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3 hour tour?...saw that people were diligently looking serious. Bet his pockets were bulging after that mystery tour.

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If it was a plane would you fly in it?

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If you believe nuclear power is safe then you should go to:


The interface is a bit wonky, so start by deselecting all items first.

Then select the category "Nuclear"

Next open a new window to the same page.

Deselect all , and select "Fossil" (Oil, LNG, Coal).

Finally consider what reason could there be for the geographic distribution to be so different? Could it be that they don't want Nuclear Power Plants close to Tokyo because they are Not Safe and they are not willing to risk the capital?

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A 3 hr tour I imagine would explain all the processes involved with N- Saftey, from a novice understanding to complete understanding in just 3 hrs. Who needs university? He is a very "smart" man, his turn will come to be PM. Can't hold back someone of this intelligence.

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So it's a question of religion now, is it?

To be fair, he didn't say he had faith. Belief is about perception and reality and our mental modeling thereof.

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m5c32, Quite so.

But after reading a director of Koriyama city board of education saying that "contamination is a matter of mentality" (http://tinyurl.com/84x6hvc), I would urge as many as possible to accept only objectively verifiable facts from experts only. I really don't care what a politician or a bureaucrat thinks, nobody should.

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Seriously, tell the people how they were inadequate before, and what Kansai Electric has done to 'beef up' safety measures. Let the public know in detail before you decide to restart these things!

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The public have never been informed what exactly the reactor stress tests were, what were the results and what measures KEPCO has taken to increase plant safety? We don't know which plants passed and which failed.



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Smith, don't be silly, they won't tell us, the dumb taxpaying pubic, what they've done - they know we'd be howling in protest. OH wait...

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Nuclear reactors are too dangerous to use. Way.

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SquidBert, Neither does your link work nor your assumptions prove correct. If you look at a list of plants, you will see that they fall into river/ocean or port types. Fossil fuels need more fuel than water, so they are closer to ports. Nuclear needs more water than fuel, so most are next to oceans.

This is finally a good step for the power strapped KEPCO, they might actually be able to meet most late August power without buying from other companies.

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Well if a Japanese governor says it's safe, then it must be.

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