Fukui nuclear unit halted after missing deadline on antiterror measures


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Crisis management is not Japan's forte. Just look at Fukushima, covid, oil spill, etc. These all require thinking out of the box which Japan seriously lacks.

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Exactly what sort of anti-terrorism measures are nuclear reactors supposed to take? Let the Self Defense Force troops guard the Fukui reactor.

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Japan's contingency planning is lacking.

Perhaps they should think more carefully before they do something.

I have the suspicion there's more hidden details to the closure of the facility because its unsafe and fragile and not really because of terrorism.

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Nothing is stopped or halted at such a nuclear plant, only the usage of the resulting electricity is interrupted for any show purposes. Does really anyone here think that all of the radiation stops completely if some people order it? You surely know it better from those other famous places , having ‘stopped’ operation by force of accident or typhoon. A mess, still after decades… In fact it’s just only stupid and wasting behavior, not to use all that energy from working nuclear power plants. Like if it would rain money from the clouds and you would instead prefer running away into a more sunnier area because someone tells you all clouds are a sign of bad weather. lol

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The ones on the Japan Sea coast are thought to be particularly vulnerable to attack by a theoretical enemy.

Kashiwazaki-Kariwa in Niigata has also fallen short of these regulations.

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Regulators gave the green light to the aging No. 3 unit after screening the utility's safety measures.


A nuclear reactor in central Japan's Fukui Prefecture was halted ... after its restart as it could not meet a deadline set by regulators to implement antiterrorism measures.

So the regulators allowed it to start, without the required safety measures, based upon a promise that they would fix it?

No wonder people do not trust nuclear power, and even more the people in charge of it.

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So, if the control rods are not in, the reactor is still very vulnerable to a terrorist attack isn't it. For example, terrorists could wipe out the cooling system and it is Fukushima v. 2.0.

If it is vulnerable to a terrorist attack it should be shut down completely.

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A nuclear reactor in central Japan's Fukui Prefecture was halted on Saturday, just four months after its restart as it could not meet a deadline set by regulators to implement antiterrorism measures.

I don't know where to start.

World-wide anti-terrorism measures were cranked up after 9/11 (in 2001).

In January 2013 (twelve years later!), the NRA drafts a "Draft New Safety Standards for Nuclear Power Stations"

An in October 2021 (8 years after the NRA drafted their Safety Standards covering for anti-terrorism measures and twenty years after 9/11), do NPP operators still not comply with anti-terrorism measures or concept.

In Europe the law features the concept of "criminal negligence" . Something tells me that the Japanese law does not have anything remotely similar...

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The NRA did not exist until about 2013.

Then I guess the NRA got set up by the DPJ after Fukushima.

Still, some agency had to act as a watchdog before that (wasn't it METI until then?) and that agency sat on their hands for a decade. Not mentioning that they also sat on their hands (a major conflict of interest of acting as the " Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry" being the most likely reason for that) for decades as far as environmental threats were concerned.

I also agree that natural disasters are much more likely around here than anything, still there is a regulation in place and it has been blatantly ignored by the nuclear lobby as so many times before that.

Since I moved to Japan back in 2004, I learned that the 安全第一 (Anzen Dai-Ichi or "Safety First") mantra is to be taken with a one-ton block of salt around here.

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The power companies can no longer cut the corners on safety.

c'mon it never stopped them before

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Japan cut corners? Never.

They will just round them off a little.

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Who are these people plotting to attack nuclear plants in Japan?

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Peter, to spell out what I already said above, DPRK ‘spetsnaz’ commando units are trained to come ashore and do exactly this.

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