Fukushima 4-year-old's name missing from thyroid-cancer records


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No doubt it regrettable and bowable

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about half or about 15 percent

Wow, really informational...

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And it's a surprise!? Let's see how long it takes for someone to stand up -> stand down and take responsibility. Sigh.

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raising questions about the thoroughness and transparency of the screenings.

Oh, so they are stating the government sponsored testing and results might be fudged? What a surprise that is. NOT!

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Fukushima is still strong about cover-up, this is not surprising that they do not want to disclose about young children developing thyroid cancers, that is so bad PR and against their will to make profit money on nuclear. Between "public health" and "profit" this govt already made the choice, and this since a long time ago, I have compassion for the families which must go through the situation to have a child developing a cancer at 4 years old.

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Read the above story carefully. As it indicates, there seems to be a massive cover-up concerning the fallout from the destroyed Fukushima nuclear reactors. What more will come out of this on-going disaster ... ??

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Real concern is how these big corporations cover up big crisis like Fukushima. Unfortunately, elected by people our politicians also work like hand in glove with these corporations in cover up.All secrecy acts are to protect these cover ups. People have right to know what is happening, We should do away with these so called National secrets.These National secret acts are like putting Wolves on seat of power.Time has come for human race to look at simplification of our lives rather than going behind false prosperity mirages created by these destructive technologies.If politician can know what is happening then people also should have access to same information.Real truth is the real casuality in all these mega accidents.World should know the truth and facts behind this dirty nuclear power plant.

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Get the truth out! I want the latest update on this...

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And more lies... par for the course. They'll just chalk the four-year-old Fukushima boy having thyroid cancer as pure coincidence, but keep giving him free treatment anyway, because you know...

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I find it depressing that the govt of Japan CONSTANTLY causes me to NOT believe a damned thing they say about stats, budgets etc you MUST view anything they say with EXTREME SKEPTICISM.

Truth is such a rare bird on these isles & the constant stream of lies coming from all corners of the country is truly depressing.

I just don't think the govt or big business is capable of telling the truth about anything, the road downwards continues unabated sadly.

I for one would love to hear some good news, how about it Japan, you have any, seriously!

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