Fukushima chemical waste moved to Hokkaido for detoxification


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Polluting Fukushima is not enough? Now other part of Japan need to be equally polluted?

"Once we accept the waste, it will be forced on us again and again," said the group's co-leader

It won't be the last one and more and more waste will come.

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This is terribly disturbing news

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Don’t eat food from Kanto or Tohoku. I guess I now have to avoid Hokkaido too…

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They have been burning and using it for landfill in Osaka Bay. Also a professor I know who does research related to the disaster told that for years it has been mixed and used in concrete all over japan.

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Yes, spread the radiation throughout the whole country.

Equally for each citizen.

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The waste, mostly consisting of condensers and lighting ballasts, contains high concentrations of polychlorinated biphenyls that are harmful to humans and was disposed of in municipalities surrounding the plant before the 2011 nuclear disaster triggered by a massive earthquake and tsunami, according to the city of Muroran.

These are parts used in tube lighting and are not connected with the nuclear power plant.

Japan Environmental Storage & Safety Corporation (JESCO)

It is safer if these parts are dealt with and not just abandoned somewhere.

The toxic compounds, known as PCBs, were used in products such as insulating oil for electrical equipment but their production has been banned in Japan since 1972 following a 1968 mass food poisoning outbreak. The government has been proceeding with the disposal of waste containing PCBs.

PCBs are dangerous to people and this plant is equipped to deal with them.

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"Once we accept the waste, it will be forced on us again and again,"

Yup. And did you still vote in the people doing it anyway?

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The protestors are part of the problem using condensers and lighting ballasts in their lighting.

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Look, I know it's dirty and not great, but the stuff exists and cannot be wished out of existence. Can we at least agree that it's better to have it treated in a highly specialized facility under constant supervision than having it lying around elsewhere?

Yes that would be the ideal situation but lets face it we both know that these guys in charge of these types of facilities bypass safety measures and do things dangerously because it was more efficient. and bottom line it is all about $$$

And when something goes wrong all they do is bow and make an apology then it is swept under the rug.

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what a "science" behind that decision/irony off/

crazy to read and imagine.

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Posters see the word "Fukushima" and immediately translate it into "deadly radiation".

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I don't know, that seems like conjecture with a healthy sprinkle of cynicism. 

Sure, however since we are talking about a "government-sponsored" facility it opens the door to include government and lets face it their track record is ...

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"PCB, an industrially synthesized compound with excellent insulation and heat-resisting properties, was used for various items such as electrical insulation oil, heat medium oil in transformers and capacitors, and carbonless paper. Between the start of production in 1954 and end in 1972, approximately 59,000 tons of PCBs were manufactured in Japan."

Government's Scheme to Promote PCB Waste Treatment

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PCBs cause cancer. I worked in the industry and even in the 1960s/70s we suspected it did.

Studies of PCBs in humans have found increased rates of melanomas, liver cancer, gall bladder cancer, biliary tract cancer, gastrointestinal tract cancer, and brain cancer, and may be linked to breast cancer. PCBs are known to cause a variety of types of cancer in rats, mice, and other study animals.

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Yes, spread the radiation throughout the whole country.

Politicians can call it Radiation For All. ;)

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PCBs cause cancer

That's why they should be incinerated or otherwise decomposed at a waste treatment facility.

Potesting against PCB destruction is the worst idea someone could possibly have

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Some extraordinarily dangerous ‘Einsteins’ at work again. Moving chemical waste for detoxification from an already otherwise contaminated area into the area where quite a percentage of our food stems from, is just only insane. That’s not a detoxification, but another and intentional contamination spreading. Someone in a responsible position should early stop those sick psychos.

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Just so happens that Muroran it's a coastal community and not too far away from Japan's most purest and pristine lake system and excellent farming areas.

However the article doesn't inform us as to what the process is to detoxification of the waste or any other details to assure us its made safe.

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The nuclear fuel rods from the cooling pools and the common pool will eventually be moved to the reprocessing plant in Aomori. Still leaves the question about the million tons of nuclear waste from the reactors.

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This not the first case of contamination being dispersed throughout Japan.

From burning low level radioactive debris in Kyushu to sending contaminated animal feedstuff to Shimane prefecture.

Why Japanese need to transport contamination to clean areas of Japan is beyond me…

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Poster's see the word "Fukushima" and immediately translate it into "deadly radiation"

The article does say that the PCB toxic waste is contaminated with radiation.

Perhaps you didn't read the whole article or pay attention

Whether to believe the experts that the radiation is of no concern and low enough to be safe is questionable.

The protesters are part of the problem using condensers and lighting ballasts in their lighting

Trying to portray the protesters as being hypocriticaly part of the problem seems rather ridiculous to me.

Because the protesters aren't disposing of highly toxic PCB waste that's contaminated with radiation .

Just Because someone is using ballasts that contain PCB are they really part of the problem ?

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