Fukushima children start school in Nagano as part of special project


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Matsumoto is anything but a ski town and I would not call it picturesque. But it does seem to be radiation free with the exception that you can't be 100 percent sure with food that has been imported from other prefectures. I am sure it will soon feel like heaven to these students.

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Mayor Dr. Akira Sugenoya is a Hero. Nagano has been testing the food and reports findings.....

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Oh, so the higher rate if thyroid cancer in children is because more rigorous checking? What a load of bovine exriment! They state the rate is a few in a million, admit that there is a higher rate among the children that were exposed to radiation and then back it up with that malarkey? Give me a break!

Hopefully, these relocated kids will be treated well and not bullied by other kids. No doubt there are already severely traumatized by their ordeal.

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"" Hashimoto was nervous about speaking to a reporter, because raising questions can get one branded as a troublemaker. "' This is japan in 2014 , if you believe it . When the freedom of speech is gone , the truth is gone as well .

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Why is that Japanese are fascinated with female students? You hardly see photos of males.

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“The low-dose radiation is continuing. There is no precedent. We don’t know what effect that will have on our children,” Hashimoto said.

Well actually we do know. There are areas with natural levels of background radiation many times higher than anything found in Japan outside the evacuation zone. And people, animals and plants have survived without any detectable greater cancer or other health effects for centuries.

But it does seem to be radiation free

Except being a ski town would indicate higher elevations meaning cosmic radiation levels would be higher than in Fukushima. And being mountainous would indicate higher natural background from uranium and thorium in the rock. Compare for example Denver and Miami, due to the altitude and geology differences someone in Denver gets about 1 microsievert more per year.

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