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Fukushima City begins decontamination of homes


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Decontamination? Will this prevent "recontamination" when the wind blows or when it rains? No. Will this prevent the people from breathing in hot particles or eating contaminated food? No.

They should pay to evacuate these people and then call the now affected areas exclusion or "no man" zones as they rightly are. TEPCO and the government took this risk by having built the nuclear reactors despite knowing that it was on top of a fault line by the ocean and ignoring everyone's demands not to build them. Now is the time where they must pay for these mistakes.

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The truest test of public confidence in decontamination will come when one of these homeowners decides to move and sell his house. Will he receive anything near the same appraised value he would have received before the accident? My guess is that he will not, no matter what certified assurances from TEPCO he holds. The media and other informed observers should keep tabs on the annual population estimates for the affected municipalities in the coming years; again, my guess is that we will see a extraordinarily marked population decline as time goes by. Prefectures like Oita and Saga are virtually giving land away to encourage families to move to rural areas and yet they still are shrinking. I can't see anyone choosing anything other than moving away from a rural area that has significant health concerns.

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May Japan recover quickly from those disasters came one after another... I believe Japan is a very strong country, and the government is trying the best to restore the country. As I can't do anything now, I just can believe and pray for the best.

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In Fukushima City, authorities plan to clean around 110,000 houses as well as streets and public buildings.

After a building gets washed the water used will be radioactive right and where ever this water goes will become radioactive right. Do they intend to collect the water or will the topsoil be removed after cleaning the homes and then the streets and sidewalks will be clened and where will this contaminated water go?

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Maybe if the supermarkets would label the food by prefecture again then that would help me to safeguard myself and others

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Water flows downhill with gravity.

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If this is simply washing the properties down with water then it is not decontamination in any sense of the word.

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hosing stuff down will only create a bunch of hotspots, this idea just seems totaly daft, does anyone think there is any merit in this, am I missing something

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On TV this morning they showed the decontamination and it looks like they are using a similar resin as was used at dai-ichi.

I.e. sprayed on left to harden than removed for disposal.

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I was in Kiev in 1996. They initially thought about children, and then on the other. In Japan today, officials do not want to think, and we are not allowed to help. Tomorrow dad mom and children will be paying millions for what today we might do a thousand. And all just because of the hypocrisy and stupidity of government officials in Japan in relation to the Ainu people of Russia. PS I congratulate you. Today is the anniversary signing of the

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@ JapanGal- Water flows downhill with gravity.

That's Cute but Seriously, this may create problems in the not so distant future as GW says by creating Hotspots where this water may accumulate. 110,000 homes and public buildings to hose down is a lot of radioactive water in the making.

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Hi Boris, when the thing was about Kiev, the signing of

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Hi. In Kiev I was when there was Chernobyl. The very first thing sdedali then - it took all the children of the city. Children's bodies are very sensitive to radiation, is very much more than an adult. In the Soviet Union did not immediately realize what was happening and what the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster in the medical, environmental and social terms. Some believe that because of the Chernobyl USSR collapsed. In Japan, now the same thing. I live in Vladivostok, here we have a consulate in Japan, Japanese business center and a Representative office NHK. I'd like to meet them and tell them that they now urgently need to do. The Japanese Business Center said, "Oh, but we did not know ... - and all." Consul of Japan, and NHK refused to even meet - they have no time to communicate with the Ainu people of Russia. As an adult, who has worked for 20 years, Generel Director, I responsibly declare: "The next 15 years the people of Japan will pay for drugs from the radiation to their children a lot of money. And there are rare Ingredients for such drugs, which today can still be purchased for $ 10. A tomorrow's parents will pay them $ 1,000. I could have done this a lot of money. But I Ainu, for me, conscience and honor, these are not empty sounds. Although the Japanese, I certainly barbaric, http://tron.ru/

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It's not about the amounts and in their heads. You can spend $ 100,000,000 other people's money and get the same result for $ 1000. In business it is to be able to invest. If the Japanese government is able to invest, then I do not Ainu, and Korean spaceship. Today, politics - is the ability to please people. And I think the main thing for a politician is the ability to help people. Or am I wrong?

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A complete waste of time and money that could be used far more productively. They really do think they are going to "yamato damashi" their way out.

Ship of fools!

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Apart from giving you all a thumbs-UP, I'd like to jump on the "I told you so" bandwagon. These people should have been moved out of these areas long ago. The fact that this has been stalled and now they are going to waste tax money to decontaminate is anything but sane. The logical questions are: Where is the water going? Why are there still kindergartens and schools open within 30KM of the reactor? Insanity! What you cannot see can kill, disfigure, and/or eventually kill you.

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