Fukushima cleanup chief urges better use of probe robot


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TEPCO, govt and TOSHIBA, all in the same bed, Fukushima cleanup is all about how to make money on milking the man made disaster while letting the "so called refugees" down, we cannot trust any of them.

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Id love to see the top 10 officials of Tepco go down into the heart of the reactor themselves in so called protective gear with their own air supply to realy look at the mess it has become from too little being done when it happened.and open their eyes to the massive job that needs doing . Then ask for assistance from all Nuclear manufacturers and those that have had castrofic failures for assistance and workable idears its been quite a while trying to clean up but it would be better to have outside honest help.

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Why does JGovt want the Corium to be removed from where it is and brought to the surface? Why risk such a thing? My guess is to tap its energy. But that is past absurd, especially when the technology does not exist to do so safely. Please....... This has been TEPCO and JGovt excuse for the cleanup for the longest time. None of these so called officials have a clue. What use is the Corium energy if it kills everybody. Duh......

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