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Fukushima fishermen still oppose water release after IAEA report


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How dare they after all the rubber stamp work that has been done!....

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The government is seeking their understanding as it aims to start releasing the water around this summer.

Seems to me the government hasn't paid them enough money to agree! It is not unheard of for the government to give "incentives" to fishermen and others, to get them to (cough, cough) agree to government plans that may be publicly unpopular

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Everyone still opposes it, no one wants it, TEPCO should be made to store it and pay for it, not the entire world.

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Only five countries still have a ban on fish imported from Japan:

South Korea, Hong Kong, China Taiwan and Macau.

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it will be interesting to know how many from them have voted for LDP all of their life?

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Maybe Tepco should a build a storage tank in the fisherman's backyard. I wonder how the fisherman feel than?

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Actually, I expect all fishermen to be against any human-cased changes at all. Make sense. They have a routine and don't want that disrupted.

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These are the good Japanese, you guys should step up the protesting of the arrogance LDP. Let every Japanese people know the corrupted LEO is possessing a very dangrous environment threat to neighbours!

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I will go there soon and take gifts them.

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Tritium is naturally occurring in the air and water. It is formed by a reaction with cosmic rays in the upper atmosphere. Bodies of water including oceans absorb it from the atmosphere. The amount of tritium to be released from Fukushima is vanishingly small in proportion to the amount of tritium that occurs in the ocean naturally.

There is no proven reliable way to remove tritium from waste water. There are some ideas but nothing yet that is proven effective. As a result every nuclear reactor disposes of their tritium contaminated water by dilution in a local body of water be it a river, lake or ocean.

The reactions to this are emotional and not rational.

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