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Fukushima groundwater radiation spikes near tank


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Fukushima groundwater radiation spikes near tank

Nothing new here.....Everybody knows that there are always very high radiation levels around the fukushima plant because contaminated water and poisonous gases have never stopped escaping from the damaged plant since 3/11. The only news people are waiting to hear is that the radiation has reduced and gone back to background level and that contaminated water has been stopped from pouring into and contaminating the sea. They also would like to know the long term strategy for the nuclear waste disposal and the livelihoods of the displaced persons...

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But it's OK to eat the fish..

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If you can remove it, where do you put it? Back into a leaky tank?

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And yet only Wednesday Abe reiterated that the leaks were 'under control'. This is like a farce of farce.

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And they want to be in the black by the end of the year? Something tells me that these "accidents" and nuclear cleanup will take much longer than initially announced... More like 30 years. Or maybe that's their plan? To just wait till the nuclear fallout decays on its own?

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The tanks strategy is brillant. Pour water on the three sinking melted cores, and then put the water in the tanks. In this way, I think they are aiming to cover up all Japan territory with bolted-in water tanks. There is still a lot of empty space, go for it.

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What happened with the technology to transform water in solid glass?

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radiation levels at Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant have soared near a tank that leaked

No! This article has to be wrong! Abe said that it's all under control. These news outlets passing this false information should be shot. How dare they say Abe has lied and TEPCO doesn't know what they are doing.

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I would love to see Abe Shinzo drink Fukushima water to compliment his eating Fukushima fish and rice and make it compulsory for all the members of the ruling coalition to do the same.

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ok, what is the next news to make people more hysterical than they are now?

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TEPCO has poured thousands of tons of water onto the reactors to keep them cool in an ongoing operation.

Instead of pumping in more safe water to cool the reactors, why not recycle the used radioactive water ?

That would reduce the amount of additional water tanks needed to store the increasing amount of radioactive water. ....

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They are using recycled water and have been since a few months after the accident. The problem is that the basements are below the groundwater elevation and relatively clean groundwater seeps into the buildings. This leakage then mixes with the water already in the basements, also becoming highly contaminated. So each day, despite Tepco’s water-recycling efforts, the volume of contaminated water at the plant increases.

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But it's OK to eat the fish..

No it's okay to eat a fish.

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