Fukushima nuclear plant leaking contaminated water

By Mari Yamaguchi

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They still don't know what's going on inside that plant, do they.

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Enough, already.

The time to think of alternative energy sources is WAY past.

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Such stuff is part of an ongoing story that has been continuing since the nuclear power plant went kaput a little over two years ago. Can't those nuclear scientist geniuses think of a fast way to get rid of that plant? Too bad TEPCO can't cut that piece of land off from the mainland, pull it way out to sea and let it sink in deep, deep ocean water.

As long as that devastated plant sits there we are going to have all kinds of radiation problems.

Modern technology ... where is it when we need it?

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For once, I agree with BertieWooster.

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The problems at Fukushima are not related in any way to alternative forms of energy and are way off topic here on this subject.

This is another news report about incompetent work being done by TEPCO.

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It seems pretty obvious that these boys don't really know what they're doing. Yet nothing improves. Nobody is prosecuted or even questioned or scrutinized by the so-called media.

What is constant is more of the same, over and over and over again.


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Water from the leaking tank, which located 800 meters from the coast, is not expected to reach the sea, Kyodo news wire reported, earlier, citing unidentified officials from the utility.

It rains in the mountains hundreds of kilometers away and that water flows into the ocean. The ground is porous. Should I laugh or cry?

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Water from the leaking tank, which located 800 meters from the coast, is not expected to reach the sea

The 120 tons of radioactive water has not gone to the sea, so where has it gone? Into the underground aquifer to end up in Ibaraki's drinking water, of course.

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They still don't know what's going on inside that plant, do they.

Or they don't want us to know.

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Or they don't want us to know.

I honestly do not think that "us" matters to the folks at Fukushima.

What they don't want to happen is letting the world know their incompetency.

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They dont have any solution to get rid of the water, their filter system does not work... there is no long term plan in place

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" As much as 120 tons of radioactive water may have leaked "

...except there is no such thing as "radioactive water". Little gems like this underline the qualification of our journalists writing about stuff they have no clue about.

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Bertie Wooster:

" The time to think of alternative energy sources is WAY past. "

Nothing wrong with thinking. But thinking about alternative energy sources does not make them economically feasible... just a thinking about flying pig does not make pigs fly.

A bit more realism and less dogmatic proclamations in this topic would be nice.

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Is it just me, or does Japan seem to always have some kind of nuclear issue?

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Oh no! This is so bad, but no surprise. TEPCO really can't do anything right, I think.

They don't know where a leak is, or how long time is a leak, but they know water can't go to a sea...water always goes to a sea! It's nature!

Where will water go, TEPCO-San? You have a magic bucket? You think we are a child?

Please don't accept salary for so long time. You don't do a job, so no salary is fair. Please be careful for a people, not only your money.

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120 tons "may" have leaked? It did or it didn't. TEPCO, man up to your mistakes. Or was it a mistake? The penalty for riding a bicycle through a red light has been clearly spelt out. What's the penalty for dumping 120 tons of contaminated water. LDP, the party is over. Start doing your job.

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You know, the giant semi-typhoon isn't going to help this situation. We need more duct tape....

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Folks, the NPP has been leaking water ever since day one, there is NO way they can control it all, only some at best

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What a load of May. I would recommend the owners,To Just Give Up. as They are not doing their Job, Properly.

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Also the people are being told its safe to go to the restricted areas more, May.

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Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong - Murphy's Law

Tepco should look into using self sealing tanks.

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And yet they are STILL determined to increase prices, shirk compensation, and be back in the black shortly, also hoping to restart reactors that don't meet the safety standards -- errr, sorry, 'guidelines'. When are these criminals going to be put in their proper place? If TEPCO is admitting today that it might be up to 120 tonnes, you can guarantee it's 10 times that, and they have no idea how to stop it.

I read in other articles TEPCO is going to carry out an internal investigation as to why it's happening. Phew!

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120 tones compared to a few liters of milk, it's a substantial amount of toxic material unaccounted for...not a little worry.

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this is not news. The news people would like to hear is whether TEPCO managed to stop the leakage that started from 3/11

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The mistake was before3/11. Now it is just impossible to manage properly this catastrophe. Get used to it because it will last decades!

It needs very special care to operate a standard NPP. What can you expect with 3 meltdowns and totally scrapped units? This is just a total nightmare and the guys maintaining it in the so-called cold-state (sic!) must everyday struggle with unplanned scenario. Soon the nuke meat will be exhausted and the true amplitude of this uncontrollable situation will become obvious.

Don't blame and congratulate the guys doing their best at Fukushima for peanuts to keep Japan on its feet.

And put the people responsible of this disaster in jail!

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well, you know this is japan, so its imperative they say "may" have leaked so its not as damning as an absolute "yes"

admission of guilt or crime or incompetence is best lathered with ambiguity

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It's huge disaster!

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