Fukushima nuclear plant still vulnerable, says director


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Since the March 11 crisis, no one has died from radiation exposure

same as denying the Nanjing Massacre.

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Where are the Fukushima fifty? Why are workers in the plant instructed not to talk to the press? Why has organized crime been a major purveyor of labor at the plant? Why have the records of mostly homeless records been mislaid? And where are these workers now? Why was the incidence of flu the highest in Fukushima this year? Why aren't ANY REPORTS of radiation poisoning EVER reported?

Why unless......

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The "Fukushima 50" were in reality between 250 and 350 staff who rotated through the plant. Their absorbed doses ranged from 10~250 mSv, with only 3 exceeding 500 mSv. The topic is well covered in the MSM.

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"there is no meltdown".."it is stable"..."we have cold shutdown"..."stop panic mongering"....all the lies of the past year, and now they are starting to tell a small part of the truth. The media should be ashamed of themselves.

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The media did the best it could with what it knew.

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I wish the media was responsible and broadcast facts and not fiction.... Well we can hope I suppose.

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Since the March 11 crisis, no one has died from radiation exposure.

Yeah, it will be five to ten years before that starts to happen.

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The country and the people came very close to a much worse scenario, only hours or days if the reactors had exploded releasing radiation at levels greater than Chernobyl.

The worse case scenario was only prevented by the brave TEPCO workers who remained at the power plant. The Tokyo firemen who rushed to the scene to pump sea water into the spent pools. The SDF copter pilots who dropped sea water on the reactors. The "Fukushima 50".

All these brave people put the lives of others ahead of their own.

Had the worse case scenario had happened much of East Japan, including Tokyo would have been contaminated for decades with deadly levels of radiation. More than 50 million people would have been exposed to dangerous radiation.

The country would have been finished.

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Zichi, well said.

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Yes well said Zichi. Cool goggles and hat you have.

Country would have been finished? Well how does the levels of that scenario compare with Hiroshima and Naasaki bombings?

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NHK just aired the mistakes and unpreparedness of TEPCO and the government in handling the 3/11 crisis per investigations of some committees and organization. So it is now quite clear that many infos were not furnished to everyone either by the government, Tepco and the medias. Investigative Journalism I guess is not common in Japan and media just rely on what they can get from the mouth of officials they interview which are at times. cover ups.

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“I have to admit that it’s still rather fragile,”

Really. Who'da thought it? One more medium-well done quake, and it'll be curtains

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Only time will tell ... A picture can speak a thousand words ... Just be prepared for whatever !!

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This is terrible, but as long as they dont tell the true about the reactor condition and its real effects, everything is just speculation.. I think whatever is happening they are working so hard to prevent it get worse.. so in this cases normal people -that cant help- with a excess of information its so dangerous for the sake of the survivors..

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Zichi. Almost all the damage has already been done. This event has released a small fraction of what Chernobyl did, and it's going to stay that way. Western (light water) reactors are simply not capable of releasing anywhere near as much as Chernobyl if they actually blew up.

Some numbers for you:

370,000 TBq 131-I + 137-Cs = 3.7 x 105 x 1012 Bq 3.7x1017 Bq / (3.7x1010 Bq/Ci) = 10**7 Ci = 10 million curies [roughly 5% of this would be 137-Cs]

Chernobyl released ~50 million curies 131-I, half of that present in the reactor, because there was an explosion, core meltdown and no containment. [add 5% of that in 137Cs]

[IMO: Estimated Dai-Ichi release of 20% of Chernobyl seems really high, given an essentially intact core, good containment, very low dose rates outside 18-mi total contamination radius (~2,600 km2) vs 200,000 km2 light to heavy contamination around Chernobyl. 370 PBq is suspiciously round]

TMI released 30 Ci (a million-fold less) very locally, because containment held.

The entire 1950s Nevada Test Series released 150 million Ci 131-I, delivering an cumulative average 131-I thyroid dose over ~10 yrs of 2 rads (= 20 mSv) to each of 160 million Americans. Dose rate was worst in plains states northeasterly of southern Nevada []

So basically, Japan is a freakin' drama queen and likes attention.

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The worse case scenario didn't happen but had it happened the amount of radiation would have been greater than Chernobyl. It came too close.

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Country would have been finished? Well how does the levels of that scenario compare with Hiroshima and Naasaki bombings?

The difference between this and the atomic bombs is that, once the bombs exploded, no new irradiated material would get sent into the environment. If the reactors had (worst case scenario) melted through the containment vessel and to the water table, irradiated steam would have been CONTINUOUSLY poured into the atmosphere where it would cool, condense, and fall where the winds might carry it. Essentially a perpetual radioactive rain.

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Melted core penetrates concrete at 2 inches per hour, No doubt containment is lost during blackout.

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Melted core penetrates concrete at 2 inches per hour,

If that was correct then the melted cores would be at something like 1400 feet below the concrete. If that was true then surly, the reactor temperature would be lower, and the volume of water needed to fill the reactor greater?

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The science ministry has begun posting real-time radiation levels on its website at 2,700 locations across Fukushima Prefecture, including schools and parks.

To access radiation levels measured at 10-minute intervals, go to

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NRC's Operation Center Fukushima Transcript : Top US Nuke Official: Melted core penetrates concrete at 2 inches per hour , No doubt containment is lost during blackout. Manual tells you everything except how to stop it

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