TEPCO faces $5 bil lawsuit in U.S. over 2011 Fukushima disaster

By Tomohiro Ohsumi

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Milk that cow!

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Was this the so called "Tomodachi" gang?

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What? They were volunteers and they must have know what they were getting themselves into. It was immediately apparent that there was a high risk of radiation exposure anywhere near the Fukushima area. The only way I'd pay any of them a dime is if they could prove that TEPCO intentionally lowered the radiation numbers in the areas they were working below actual numbers. In addition... there would have to be actual proof that it was the radiation that caused real physical ailments. I would not pay a dime if it was for mental suffering over the idea that they may have been affected by radiation.

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It was GE (US) made reactors. 

No Japanese residents or rescue workers became sick by radiation.

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In Japan, more than 10,000 people who fled their homes over radiation fears have filed various group lawsuits against the government and the firm.

What are the statuses of those lawsuits? Its 6 years since it happened, time to get the people the money they deserve!

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@tinawatanabe; It does not matter where the reactors were made... it was the location and height above sea level that caused the back-up power generators to fail. The original plan to build the plant had it being built on a bluff which was 35 meters above sea level. But TEPCO lowered the design to 10 meters in order to save money. TEPCO did research regarding a Tsunami but they felt 10 meters would be sufficient... of course, it was not.

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I'm with SaikoPhysco, if they volunteered and went to Fukushima themselves after the meltdown they had to have known there would be a definite risk of radiation in the area. The reasoning of this lawsuit doesn't make any sense to me, unless it really just is the bold-faced money-grab as it appears to be.

9 ( +13 / -4 )

157 U.S. residents

Get 5 billion, Japanese citizens get?

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The US and its law suits never fail to amaze! So you volunteer to go and help where a nuclear reactor has had a melt down. You then cry foul and climb on the bandwagon to claim $5 billion to be shared amongst 157 shameless individuals who's original intentions were no doubt to do this eventually and had no intentions of actually helping. Let's see $5,000,000,000 / 157 = $31,847,133 each minus lawyers fees and reduced settlement figure, taxes etc should net these sharlatans less than their expenses to fly over for the scam. Only the lawyers are going to go home with their pockets full if anyone is.

I notice there is no actual concern for the poor Japanese folk who were the actual victims...typical!

19 ( +22 / -3 )

i agree, if you volunteered to help thats on your head, if the military made you go thats on your head because you signed your life away to uncle sam and they own you and can use you however they want. Also its 157 people who more than likely were brainwashed by lawyers since i dont see the thousands of other US volunteers on the lawsuit wagon. They went to help Japan like i did. So yes they are Tomodachi uncle my favorite anti-american troll that loves to be jealous on here. He just cant accept its the way the world is and his anti-american rhetoric isnt doing anything except influence the JT peanuts gang :)

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Are the plaintiffs sick?

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As tepco has been broken into two companies it means that the Japanese taxpayers have to pay. If if I was American I would be suing about the destruction of the Pacific Ocean the North Pacific Ocean by the continuing leaking of radiation for 6 years and more maybe fifty years

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As far as the people in the case go, if they were in the military then their case should be with the military not TEPCO because that is who sent them there. The problem being of course they were under orders and were obligated to be there in harms way. That's part of being in the military. I find these actions disgraceful on their part.

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No Japanese residents or rescue workers became sick by radiation.


The plaintiffs, who joined aid efforts along with U.S. troops shortly after the disaster, claim they were exposed to radiation because of the improper design, construction and maintenance of the plant.

They are seeking $5 billion to cover the cost of medical tests and treatment needed to recover from the disaster, TEPCO said in a statement.


And recently, elsewhere, those 5 workers we were assured weren't in any danger

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Tell them to go fly a million dollars each still would be too much.

They came voluntarily and new there were risks.

No one forced them .

4 ( +6 / -2 )

checks bank balance

Is it too late to volunteer??

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US courts have no authority over Japanese territory. Otherwise Japanese courts shall rule over US soldiers in Japan. Just another example the US behaves same like China.

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It was GE (US) made reactors.

No Japanese residents or rescue workers became sick by radiation.

tinawatanabe; You are so incorrect on so many levels. Just because something isn't reported doesn't mean it didn't happen. You must not understand how the media works in Japan

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Ghost rider: "Just another example the US behaves same like China."

What on earth are you talking about?

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Let me know or compare how much billions the (japanese) people of Miyagi, Fukushima and surrounding got ( or still fighting to get ) ... for loosing their jobs, houses and loved ones.

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There are people who join I this kind of lawsuit They join and prepay fee for lawyers fee then. lose. Lowers earned prepared fees after case dismissed. That is why translation of attorney in japes is Bengshi using their skill of talking and protecting their own income. Collecting fees is their main. Purose.

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for loosing their jobs, houses and loved ones.

Exactly who are they supposed to sue for lost loved ones?

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If the court decides to take this case, they have to produce results of CAT SCAN in US hospital to prove they are cancer patients. from Fukushima. Then visa to prove they were in Japan. Swindling using court is not easy. BTW, Toshiba purchased GE many years ago and got nothing to do with this lawsuit.

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If "volunteers" were forced to go by the US military then it is not voluntary. To reject orders is to give oneself a permanent record preventing promotion, probable demotion, jail time, and other nasty consequences.

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The time Toshiba bought GE, it. sold GE manufactured electric fans and heaters beside coffee pots smtgat ignorant girls will not pour cuff on male worker's head. GE was just kitchen gadget maker. Bigst it made was one sided ref then. So don't belive Russian lover US hater mr. Tina.

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Damn! I should have gone with them. I missed the opportunity for becoming a millionaire.

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Was this the so called "Tomodachi" gang?diabetes dominada

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