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Fukushima operator rebuked by local leaders


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The boss of Fukushima operator TEPCO on Friday met local leaders to ask for their blessing to restart the world’s biggest nuclear plant

It should not be as simple as getting blessing from the locals. TEPCO should present a comphrehensive safety and security roadmap/strategy to the locals (same should be done for NRA) specifying steps taken and what will happen just in case an accident happens. These documents should be studyied, understood, approved and signed by TEPCO, NRA and local communities and kept safely. Unless accountability is built into safety and security systems of nuclear plants, Japan will never get out of careless nuclear accident quagmires and related socio-economic and environment consequences..

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We sincerely apologise for your having had cause to criticise us for making hasty and sloppy decisions without giving considerations to local opinions,

Tepco's president just admitted Tepco make hasty and sloppy decisions.

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Fat lot of good it will do them.

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"Although the agreement is not legally binding..."

That's all that needs to be said. They will be restarted regardless of the promises and agreements made with local governments when the latter are opposed (save the government officials who are bribed). TEPCO won't meet the safety standards, but will 'promise' to within five years, and the NRA, as we've seen, won't truly care if their pat-ourselves-on-the-back new standards aren't met.

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easy politics isnt it. it like china whinging about Japan every time they are looking for local popularity. anything constructive?

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ok now thats all well and nice, so whats gonna change?

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I remember reading that TEPCO wouldn't restart any reactors without local government approval. I guess it was just more media pleasing BS. And, if I remember correctly, the federal government said the same thing. It's strange how quickly things can change when TEPCO and the J-Gov get together. Lets just hope they don't gain both the upper and lower house in the election or there will be no stopping them.

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Two words: Hydrothermal Power

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For what reason and for why would anybody trust TEPCO? The company has shown time and time again that it cannot be trusted with the public safety in mind. Continuously and repeatedly they have failed with the Fukushima crisis. They have been caught lying to the general public on so many times.

I feel for the public tohave more faith in TEPPCO they must first become more transparent, meaning they must be more open to the public. They must stop trying to hide mistakes that have been made. Also they must acknowledge their mistakes and they must be held accountable.

I feel that the general public is tired of hearing, "I'm sorry".

Since the earthquake happened in 2011 and has been 2 years 3months and 23 days, (846 days) and we still have the same problems that linger from that day. There are still so many people without their lives, and without their homes. And there are so many more people that lost family members, due largely in part to the tsunami.

There've been some people who say that there are no significant health risks to the people around Fukushima, as a result of the radiation. However, I refuse to believe this. I still feel that there are people that are in danger! I feel that there will be people who will get sick in the future.

So to the people of Niigata i urge you do not give TEPPCO the go ahead to start the nuclear power plant there.

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TEPCO wants to restart "cheap to run with no maintenance cost and hazardous safety dangerous reactors" so they can divert more public money for their black operations because now they have to pay importation of gas to justify that they are an electricity provider company... let them agonize more, I am fine with the import and less black money for them.

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Local leaders need to make their own (local) safety commissions -with meetings open to the public- in regards to their local nuclear energy plants. Meet monthly and discuss the issues with these energy companies. =Without nuclear power expect the energy costs to rise. Phase out old nuclear generators if you must, but use what you have for now.

I still feel that there are people that are in danger! I feel that there will be people who will get sick in the future.

-People will get sick in the future from these radioactive metal particles embedded into tissues of the body. Money should be set aside for these people (in accounts away from thieving politicians) and a strong Nuclear Energy business model is the best way to provide this needed money. =Right now with the costs (imported energy) they are most likely losing money.

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I hereby nominate this Hirose fool and all of the top management for Tokyo Electric (TEPCO) to burn in hell for being so stupid and greedy! They have already ruined Fukushima and that area for the next 40, 000 YEARS!! Now they want to ruin Niigata too?? Niigata also has terrible quakes, does it take a rocket scientist to understand these are just ticking time bombs?????? NO!!!

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I guess that I have new heroes. Niigata mayors and governor. Apropos did just Tepco said that they make sloopy and hasty decisions?

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Was that just a pig i saw flying by.?????????

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