Water decontamination system down again at Fukushima plant


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Is TEPCO providing decontamination kits for the workers dealing with the water decontamination if exposed?? Leaks, Spills and other accidents occur where workers are exposed to levels of radiation that warrants decontamination. J Govt has been stockpiling such emergency radiation decontamination kits since Oct 2010.

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Oh come on! This is what happens when you let the clowns run the circus! This is the most important engineering operation ever undertaken in Japan and it is just a comedy of errors!

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They have to start it again,so it can break down again.

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........begs the question, why is there no backup unit? I believe they bought it from some firm outside Japan, gotta be others around.

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lol, if it woulnt be so serious it would be hilarious. how long did it work now ? 5 minutes ? also what do they do when the water spills over ?

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Sorry sp4cerat.... Some of us do this this is rather hilarious... Cant get a Decontamination unit to work after a year or so, but let these people run nuclear rectors ? Now that funny....

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wow 6 hours after start up, thats gotta be a new record, even for TEPFail

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Why are the Temporary Workers Being Sacrificed with these hazardous assignments??? Thousands of Men so far Need the emergency radiation decontamination kits..... These Workers are Heroes..... Not fodder..

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Im sur that after all this. There will be a new improved alps system.

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overchan Yes ,Absolutely , new and improved ALPS will do the job until the next malfunction , and then there will be an even better , more improved one , until the next next malfunction and then ,,, There are hundreds of tons of most toxic , heavily radioactive water leaking into the underground system daily . 8 liters of tainted water is the least of our worries. Everyone knows from the beginning that all that water in those tanks will eventually end up in the ocean . If it wasn't harmful for the environment , why did they store it in those tanks in the first place ?

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J Govt owns over 50% of TEPCO and they are doing the Temporary Workers and Citizens a great disservice by not taking Proper care of the situation......

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Are they really considering starting up the other nuclear plants?

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The suspension came just six hours after the embattled operator switched back on two of three lines in the system, which cleans radiation-tainted water used to cool the reactors damaged by Japan’s devastating 2011 quake-tsunami disaster.

Doesn't sound like it lives up to it's name -- "Advanced Liquid Processing System". Shutting down all the time and leaking is hardly "advanced".

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Summary ; Three core meltdowns , with coriums deep in the ground poisoning the underground water continuously . Hundreds of tons of highly radiated water leaking into the ocean daily since the first day of the accident Thousands of tons more of that toxic water in tanks waiting to go into the ocean. Thousands of fuel rods in spent fuel pools waiting to blow up by the next big earth quake . No way of getting the coriums out of the ground or do anything about them since the radiation will kill anyone who would go near them .

And we are talking about 8 liters of tainted water leakage ? How detach are we from the reality ?

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johndpugh We are talking about the whole kit (pun) and Kibuddle.

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Thousands of fuel rods in spent fuel pools waiting to blow up by the next big earth quake . No way of getting the coriums out of the ground or do anything about them since the radiation will kill anyone who would go near them .

Fuel rods don't 'blow up' and the 'corium' is still in the reactors.

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@Mike-" the corium is still in the reactors" - sure it is lol.. I feel so much more assured every time I read one of your post in regards to the current and ongoing nuclear disaster in Fukushima.. Last I checked Tepco themselves have no idea where the coriums are.. Even if there is a press release on the subject I would hardly take them at their word.. Being that they've been so honest and forthcoming up until this point !!

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I feel so much more assured every time I read one of your post in regards to the current and ongoing nuclear disaster in Fukushima.

Glad I can help calm your fears.

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Have you noticed that every time they mention the stored water they mention that 'experts' say it will need to be released into the sea 'at some point'? I think the ground is being laid, so to speak, for a massed flushing at some point soon.

Why don't they ask the government to pony up some money to help upgrade the system? I've heard they have a few billion yen to spare. Oh, that's right. I forgot! They are giving that to someone else.

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The Japanese government has entrusted JAEA with management of clean-up efforts in the area.

((JAEA)) Japan Atomic Energy Agency

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/////Fuel rods don't 'blow up' and the 'corium' is still in the reactors.////

How about fuel rods burning in open air ,, is that a better statement ? Does that comfort you mike ? Is it something people should worry about ? Would that make the whole fukushima disaster many times worse? What do YOU think ? Corium is still in the reactor , more like wishfull thinking , i wish you were right though , seriously , i wish it was but noone beleives those fairy tales anymore.

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In the meantime the fuel rods are not being removed from the used fuel pool on top of Reactor 4. The crane has broken down.

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nandakandamanda Thanks for choosing such an easy nick ndakandamanda ;) lol . They cant remove the fuel rods . They are only coverning those units up so nobody can see whats going on in there .

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johndpugh, glad you like it.

They have removed about 550 of them so far, until the crane jammed, according to TEPCO, ...but what do we really know?

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nandakandamanda I am sure i spelled it correctly this time :) The problem with the fuel rods in unit 4 is that , some of them are damaged , misformed bended , so very hard to remove them . I dont believe they can remove all of them but as you said nobody can actually see whats going on . But it is much worse with units 1 2 and 3 . There are molten coriums in/under those building s which make them so radioactive that no human can survive there , they cannot build the cranes to remove the rods . Estimated an hour is lethal dose 50/50 . SO even if they would find thousands of suicide workers to do the job , after only working an hour on site , half of them would die . Never mind spending weeks and months to remove the rods , they cant even build the crane to do the job in the first place.

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zichi 500 rods removed //

Yes i know that s what they SAY they are doing but do you still trust them after so many lies ?

only 50-80 Damaged assemblies prior to the accident ,,,,//

says TEPCO ,, again . Do you believe that those explosions , blowing up half of those buildings , somehow , as a miracle , did not damage ANY of those rods ? Do you believe them?

There's no evidence to show that the melted fuel is not still inside the containment and suppression vessels; //

EVEN IF it was , still no workers can do any work at such high radiation levels. Robots CAN NOT build the fuel crane . It s impossible . You need construction workers on site , you cant do it remotely .

TEPCO have done a good job of removing the debris there and covering the spent fuel with steel plates . ///

Yeah , and also they have doen a great job catching the mice that were eating on wires causing equipment malfunction , preveneting any leaks , as we never hear about , using wrong geiger counters and getting wrong results ,, but best of all building those plants on a fault line ,,, yeah TEPCO has done a great job thus far ,, so lets just concentrate on good deeds Tepco has done and try to down play the enormity of this catatsrophe anyway we can .

Various companies including Honda, are working on robots to remove the melted fuel but its likely the technology will take more than 20 years to develop/////

SOme are also working on time machines ,, will likely develop in about 100 years and we will go back in time and undo this whole mess ,, lets keep dreaming :)

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