Fukushima reactor test offers rare detailed look inside


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To the workers who will be doing this over generations. Stay safe and... thank you.

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"Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) performed a sophisticated scan of the reactor core, giving the most detailed picture so far of what is going on in the high-radiation environment."

I think it should be a crime to use sophisticated and TEPCO in the same sentence.

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Again ... another report that is far from being encouraging ...

Stay tuned for yet another report tomorrow, the next day, the day after that ... and on and on and on ...

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Is anyone surprised? At this point nothing surprises me.

If Japanese Taro is happy sitting back and ignoring the govt spun bs (lets face it, most Japanese know they're not getting the entire truth) then there's not much use me getting upset about it either. It's not like I can vote or anything.

Best just to sit back and watch a mind-numbing game show.

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“We presume that despite the meltdown, the fuel is still in the containment vessel,” "presume" is not a very scientific word, is it?

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Raged on a number of occasions about the missed opportunity for using advanced robotics in this work. Formerly great companies like Toyota, Honda and Sony, etc., should hang their heads in same. No more robotic dogs, robotic marching bands or robotic celebrities (ASIMO), what about you all pool together and do some hard graft.

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Agree with Hongo. We're in what's supposed to be one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Where's all the gadgets when you need them. Japan could have pulled together all the knowhow and talent available, and with some of the money that came pouring in, turned this disaster into an opportunity to shine. But instead it dropped the ball, and spent the money on whaling and Kyushu road projects.

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"Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) performed a sophisticated scan of the reactor core,"

Almost mis-read this one, I saw scam.... guess not so?

But at least "they" are still providing us with information, little by little.

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It's easy to sit back and complain about what (TEPCO) should have done or could have done. The facts remain that most of Tokyo and many other parts of Japan, benefitted from this Nuclear power plant. It is but human to foolishly go with the flow when the goings good. Its also human to complain when the going gets tough.

Indeed for a nation that suffered the offensive side of Nuclear. I simply fail to understand how it was ever given the green lights to begin with. The use of Nuclear power plants in Japan is preposterous. Needless to say, the nature of Nuclear reactors are unpredictable, it was foolish to suggests the use of it in such an earthquakes prone region.

Let us not be under any illusion here, Nuclear power plants will continue to be deployed until a better alternative means can be feasible. Once i've finished my masters degree in Renewables and finished studying Japanese, i'll put an end to this monopoly, i've an better alternative to Nuclear energy however, it be foolish to mention it on a public domain such as this without proper NDAs and patents as such inplace. Its no secret here in London that the US are full of Lawsuit thrill seekers that sees to end any achievements or advancement in humanity.

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