Fukushima staff may have to use raincoats as virus threatens protective suit production

By Behrouz Mehri

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Raincoats don’t have radioactive shielding properties, do they?

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kurisupisu - Raincoats don’t have radioactive shielding properties, do they?

Neither do the paper suits they wear. They are cheap and disposable. That is why they are used.

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There should be no impact on safety as the coats are not designed to protect workers from radiation since the rays penetrate clothes in any case.

Is this typo? The most stupid statement I ever read.

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No idea where to even begin. Is this a cartoon skit?

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Et tu Fourice? Yeah, what a great way to end the article, total waste of time reading it with a conclusion like that.

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Nobody will trust the Japanese government with nothing, in America the government get criticize hourly in hope that will have compotence

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I read that while Protective suits do not shield you against ionizing radiation, they do keep radioactive particles off of one’s body, so they do offer some degree of protection, and plastic raincoats probably offer similar protection depending on how they fit and close and cover the body.

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Does rain-coats help. Soon all rain coats will sell out.

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