Screenshot image shows the Fukushima Updates website. Photo: Reconstruction Agency

Fukushima tries to update image with new multilingual website


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Does the website shake? Because that’s what comes to mind when I think of Fukushima — large earthquakes repeatedly over the past decade.

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Are they still using that 'Fukuppy' slogan?

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It's good for them to provide information on food safety etc. That's how you win trust. However you should not tell people to "update their perceptions". It may be perfectly fine in Japanese, but "you think this but you're wrong!" strikes me as very poor PR in English. Especially for people who've jumped through the hoops to find and read a website about Fukushima, out of the literally millions of other things they could be reading on the Internet. Such people should be welcomed and cherished, not admonished.

If consultants were used to produce this, they are not very good ones.

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'Fukushima: Japan 'to release contaminated water into sea'

this won't help.

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Nomatter how nicely a rotten apple is packed it is still inedible.

experience Fukushima? Some things you don’t need to experience to know they are not good. No need for me to stick my hand in the fire to know its hot.

Japan has so many beautiful places to offer, great product. This talking up of what is not good is so unnecessary but Japans lack of selfconfidence leads to a constant cover up of the few bad things in Japan instead of fixing them.

i choose to live here as it is one of the worlds top 3 beautiful and lovable places but the pursuit of a perception of a perfect Japan is a waste of resources and energy. Much better to promote the good and fix the bad than to repackage the bad.

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Which image?

The pretty image of the castle, I guess? Though it's the first time I've seen it so I can't say it's getting old.

It's time to update Fukushima in your mind!

Ok. Downloading mind update patch v3.17

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For a foreigner, who doesn't know that much about life in Japan and especially the "cute characters", "mascots" and overally childish presentation of information, this page looks very unprofessional. "Professor Tablet"? The music in the videos? The "anime" voice in the videos?

This looks like they've hired only someone who translated the webpage into all the foreign languages available, without any marketing specialist who knows about the difference between Japanese marketing vs the rest of the world marketing/presentation.

One thing above all - most foreign countries/their consumers want to present things just straight. In here it's presented in a softened way so it doesn't sound too harsh. In here it's not straight YES or NO, GOOD or BAD, etc. It would sound too blunt if one said it straight in Japan. But in most foreign countries, one will think like you are not comming clean and are hiding something.

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Are they still using that 'Fukuppy' slogan?

You are thinking of Fukushima Industries and they changed their name to Galilei.

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Hmmmm, yes I can imagine the marketing pitch, "come and enjoy our radiated ocean and toxic seafood after the Olympics.

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saying the amount of radioactive substances released into the atmosphere was far less in the Japanese crisis

This would be true if...Fukushima NPP is not spewing radiation out every second, twenty four hours a day. That there is no technology on planet earth to stop it. Estimates of up to 70 years for containment with plan to throw contaminated radioactive water into the sea that will travel down the east coast of Japan and also Hawaii, and the west coast of USA and Canada.

otherwise, as Abe said when $3.5 million was presented to “win” the problem, it’s all sorted.

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They can pretend and paint it over as many times as the like, but in the end, radiation is still radiation!

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Misinformation from government ... again.

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The site is overloaded with cuteness.

But can't find any article worth reading.

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Can we learn about ‘bioaccumulation’ on the website in multiple languages?

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At first, I thought the comments were a bit harsh, but not after checking the link in the article. Couldn't find a simple 'click' for an English version. Very, very bad design.

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It was established in early March by Japan's Reconstruction Agency, which oversees recovery....

So it's J- govt propaganda job ... No thanks.

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Multi lingual? Not that I can see.

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