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Fukushima water release stokes fresh fears for fisherman

By Elaine Lies

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Nice nit picking, Awa.

So, will this release be announced prior to or after the fact? When should the surfing fraternity refrain from their lifestyle of healthy pursuit?

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"We here in Fukushima have done absolutely nothing wrong, why do they have to mess up our ocean?" Ono said. "The ocean doesn't belong to only us humans - and it isn't a garbage can."

Unfortunately, the melted nuclear fuel (corium) still has not been contained so this constant release of water will continue for many many years and all the while the environment becomes more and more radioactive

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"Given how carefully fishing has been expanded, and that it's just approaching past levels, it's only natural this timing is a problem for fishermen who fear the impact of rumors," he said.

If Fukushima is so safe then why aren’t Japanese politicians gathering there for their regular get togethers?

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Endemic corruption is hard to beat! TEPCO execs should be in jail but they are no doubt wining and dining with LDP flunkies!

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The following statement will probably be censored by Japan Today.

If the water is so safe, why disperse it into the Pacific Ocean?

"The water is treated, filtered and diluted and TEPCO and the government say it is safe. But it does contains traces of tritium."

-Who exactly has deemed the the water 'safe'? Names please, so the individuals can be held accountable.

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flounder, crab…bottom feeders in one of the most radioactive sea regions in the whole wide word. Yum yum.

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Japanese government and Tepco who had repeated falsehood and deception about nuclear plants insist as if Fukushima radioactive contaminated water is safe, but they never don't dump it in Tokyo, never use it to other purpose. 

Japanese authorities conveniently distorted even science to prioritize political and economical benefit than health and the lives, has past that had caused many victim historically.

And, present Japanese major media who are scared at angry of regime have no even power to see through and criticize deception of authorities.

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I don't think the gov or Tepco lies about the degree of water contamination as many other countries do release water containing tritium.

However I still oppose the releasing water because it would be very possible to take 100 years to decompose the power plant. Who knows the total of the released water can NEVER affect the environment or any health?

Now majority of people world wide think the water is harmfully contaminated. Once any negative effect is found, Japan will be in seriously difficult situation.

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The water could be safe with the amount of tritium that they will release, but what happens if you consume a fish that growth in that water, the long term effect is something that either corporations and politics never take in consideration, they only think about the next period and the earnings that they can get.

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I don't think the gov or Tepco lies about the degree of water contamination as many other countries do release water containing tritium.

This is nothings like other countries.

This water has been used to cool down the naked core of a nuclear reactor.

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And where will the radioactive water, which is still being produced, be stored and filtered when there are no tanks?

Didn't you bother to read the article?

releasing more than a million tons of radioactive water from the plant into the sea

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According to what they say, the contaminations other than tritium are all removed by the ALPS. In that sense the released water is comparable to that other countries have released so far. That's their theory... I don't want to doubt about that... We will see in decades...

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