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Fukushima workers evacuated after quake

By Miwa Suzuki

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The reactors are not 'shut down'! They are 'offline'! A huge difference!

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I'm relieved the waves were relatively small... a relief to everyone along the coast I expect.

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Make up your minds - was it 7.3 or 7.1 ? (In the picture it says 7.3 but in the text : 7.1)

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Hurry up with --carefully mind (Can YOU do that TEPCO?)-- those fuel rods. Get them out.

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We evacuated as a matter of precaution because the ground floor of our house was flooded in the tsunami two years ago...

Good! Lesson learned! Even if it was an inconvenience to evacuate in the middle of the night, better safe than sorry!

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@FightingViking: According to the marker made by USGS in Google Earth the magnitude was 7,5. So we have three different versions. 7,1; 7,3 and 7,5. So the average is 7,3.

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A great setback in spreading radioactive matters to Pacific Ocean. The strong waves must have brought significant amount of radioactive matters back to the shores of Japan.

Shinzo should alert people to stay away from the shores where the radioactive matters returned to, where it came from.

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if it's anything like 2011....big Quake just the day before 2011 disaster....the day after was worse....

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What is a little earth shake and a little high tide? Japan is safe. That is if you believe the tales Abe Shinzo has been telling the world. What is the Olympic Committee going to do now having chosen Tokyo for the 2020 Olympic Games and putting the different countries' participants' lives in peril. The food and drinks are radioactive and the air no better.

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Japan will probably keep on their toes after this. :( I hope everyone stays safe, I have a friends in Tokyo and Shizoka

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The reactors are not 'shut down'! They are 'offline'! A huge difference!

There is a difference, but probably not what you think. I think 'shut down' is a reasonable description as their sustaining reactions have been stopped (aka 'shut down'). 'Offline' indicates they are not connected to the grid. Not likely (or sensible - even by TEPCO standards), to have them offline and not shutdown.

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So, let's build more nuclear plants in Japan where tsunamis and earthquakes can cause failure and massive loss of life...........

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