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G20 leaders urged to denounce Japan's 'cruel assault' on whales


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Yes everyone...it's the whales which need are help the most. Never mind urging Japan to do something about all the sexual predators lurking among the population, who get caught and left off the hook. The whales!!!

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Like there aren't more important issues to be discussed at the G20, The kind which affects the global economy which allows these people to live lives peaceful and affluent enough to be whining about whales.

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Eating whales is not bad for the environment.

What a bunch of frauds these "environmentalists" are.

Climate change is the issue they should be beating the drum about, and here they are in 2019 complaining about diversity in food culture...

the obligation for global collaboration on the protection and management of the world's whales," 

The IWC was supposed to be for conservation and management of whales, not "protection" of them. That's why the W in IWC stood for "Whaling"!!

Those frauds...

president of Humane Society International

Why does that even make them "environmentalists". Seems like a totally different issue.

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Idiots. Global warming and use of plastics are the most pressing issues right now and Japan is a leader in addressing them. NOT small scale Japanese whaling. These environmentalists are simply Japan-haters and culture imperialist.

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So, let's not talk about real human rights abuses and extraditions, but about whales.

Priorities, people.

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There are many pressing environmental issues that need to be addressed by this group of leaders and Japan's exploitation of whales is one of them, but it is far from a priority.

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Good write up in today's Guardian on the issue:


-5 ( +1 / -6 )

@San Miguel

No the Guardian article was not good and neither was the JT one.

The reason is that neither article mentions the words Norway or Iceland, the two other major whaling countries. Note that Norway catches more whales than Iceland and Japan combined


yet never seems to get called out. Nor does Iceland. Is it because they are European countries?

By the way I am against whaling.

4 ( +7 / -3 )

yet never seems to get called out. Nor does Iceland. Is it because they are European countries?

I don't care for whaling either, but there has always been a poorly hidden racism behind the singling out of Japan. Read the comments in Western news sites. They get very ugly, and often are saying things they would never dream of saying about Norwegians.

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"I don't care for whaling either, but there has always been a poorly hidden racism behind the singling out of Japan."

Exactly! Japan is always singled out! It is about race and culture.

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First, Japan is not a race, second, this is JAPAN Today, and third,

First, nobody said Japan was a race. They are, however of a different race than most Norwegians - maybe you have noticed.

Second - yes, this is JapanToday. Thank you for pointing that out. If you read the byline, you will see the article is from Reuters, an international news agency. JapanToday just reprints these.

Third, neither of us said Norway was never criticized. I mentioned that the comments are revealing - often leaning racist in articles about Japan and talking about bombing the country even. For whales. No such comments are found in your articles.

I have quoted and linked to such comments in the past here, but the mods have always deleted them for whatever reason. Maybe they thought they were too hate-filled. They are not hard to find with a simple Google search though. Equivalent comments about Norway would be very hard to find.

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G20 leaders URGED to denounce Japan's 'cruel assault' on whales

Urged by whom? A small minority of vocal animal-rights zealots who insist that "everyone" must be concerned with whatever these animal-rights zealots have determined to be the most important issue facing the G20?

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@Risky.... you keep changing the subject to Japan is not a race. I don't know where on earth you got off on that tangent. What are you trying to say? That Japanese and Norwegians are the same race? If I said racism played a part in US slavery in the 19th century, would you say that slaves were not a race? Sure, you could probably find exceptions. There are Japanese who are not Asian. But as a rule, they are mostly one race.

Sorry, but it's rather obvious that Japan gets criticized far more than Norway or Iceland. Do a Google search, search Google trend. It's even more obvious that there is racism directed at Japanese (Asian race, since it seems I need to state the obvious).

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Do any search on a topic that condemns whaling. Japan generally has twice as many results as Norway and Iceland combined, despite Norway harvesting more whales that the other 2 put together.

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I agree with all of commanteer's comments above. G20 is a summit representing the world. If environmentalists want to call for a stop to whaling I am with them 100%. Calling out only Japan is just Japan-bashing. Shame on Jane Goodale.

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All lip service. Look at the head-lines , it is still happening. It is very normal for Japan.

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