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Gadgets, toys for visually impaired gaining traction in Japan


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Gadgets, toys for visually impaired gaining traction in Japan

But how they see and know those gadget available for them?

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Great deal and that girl is cute.

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When I lost most of my vision I was old already. To see something like this for children is so so so good. I've learned to cope. These kids are learning to see. This is one real good feel good story.

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I like hearing about advancements like this, especially coming from Japan. It seems we are getting closer to a brighter future for those with visual impairment and it is a good feeling knowing that if this happens to me, there are solutions out there!

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But how they see and know those gadget available for them?

Visually impaired people are not automatically segregated from socie automatically segregated from society, they can have access to tools that allow them to be as informed as most other people in spite of their disability and there are organizations dedicated to support them that would facilitate their access to these products. Not to mention the effort some companies (like Sony Corp.) that actively inform and even distribute the products to places that visually impaired people frequent, they are after all the target market.

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Sony Corp launched last year a digital camera that projects the subject captured by the device onto the user's retina via laser technology, allowing visually impaired people to see things though a viewfinder and take photos.

Fantastic! This is where I'd like to see billions of dollars go rather than for putting space vehicles on other planets. Let's focus more on helping us humans here on Earth first, especially those that are more unfortunate.

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The best thing about the developments in new technologies is how it can help those most in need.

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But how they see and know those gadget available for them?

”Visually impaired” does not necessarily mean “completely blind.”

As with other disabilities, there are varying degrees of visual impairment.

Some legally blind persons can detect light sources and colors. Not all blind people only see pitch black like you’d think.

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Legally blind means having lost more than 90% of sight. Most blind individuals lose their sight due to disease or accident rather than being born blind.

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Anything that helps handicapped people to function without having to rely on others is a good thing. They need their independence and their dignity.

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Best news I’ve read today.

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